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Nigerian pastors are con artists – Samklef

Pastors, according to Nigerian singer and producer Samuel Oguachuba, often known as Samklef, are “fraudsters.”

After reuniting with controversial broadcaster Daddy Freeze three years after they dragged one other on social media, the producer and blogger revealed this.

When Daddy Freeze rejected a report about the healing of a mentally challenged guy at an RCCG church in 2018, the two had a religious spat.

Samklef, who was annoyed by Daddy Freeze’s criticism of the church, lambasted Freeze, telling him that his incessant criticism of the church had become tedious.

When Freeze told Samklef that his career was over, the singer responded by calling him a “fake ass oyinbo” and his supporters “mumu Satan followers.”

They eventually blocked and unfollowed each other on all of their social media networks as a result of the situation.

“I was deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafen Daddy Freeze has been telling the truth all along. Ninety majorities of so-called Nigerian men of God are con artists.

“They collect money for miracles that happen through you because it’s your faith that makes you whole.

“This generation’s John the Baptist is Daddy Freeze. “At long last, I can see,” he wrote.

On Sunday evening, however, Samklef used his Instagram account to reach out to Daddy Freeze, indicating that he can now see “perfectly.”

He went on to say that the majority of religious leaders are “419,” and that Freeze was correct all along.

Freeze recognized his acceptance in his statement and said that he could have been more patient with Samklef at the time.

“Dear @samklef brother, I should never have fought you; it was such a mistake on my part. I should’ve waited for you to see what I saw instead. May Yahweh save all of us. ,” he responded.


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