Nigeria Prepares for Debut at 18th African Sambo Championships in Egypt

African Sambo

As Nigeria gears up for its debut at the 18th African Sambo Championships in Egypt, the President of the Sambo Association of Nigeria (SAN) has expressed immense pride and excitement.

The team’s impressive performance at the 13th African Games in Ghana secured their spot at this prestigious tournament, marking a significant milestone for the sport in Nigeria.

In a statement, the President of SAN highlighted the dedication and hard work of the athletes representing Nigeria: Charity Jatau, Fatima Ogbonyomi, and James Chegwam. “Their hard work and dedication are a testament to the potential of our nation’s youth,” the President remarked.

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Acknowledging the efforts behind the scenes, the President praised Vice President, Sheriff Hammed for his instrumental role in securing the invitation to the championships and promoting sambo across Nigeria. “His passion and commitment to the sport are contagious, and I am grateful for his support,” the President added.

As the leader of SAN, the President emphasized a commitment to creating opportunities for Nigerian athletes. “I believe that sambo has the power to unite and inspire our nation, and I am dedicated to providing the necessary support and resources to help our athletes succeed,” said the President.

The President’s confidence in the team’s potential was evident as they urged all Nigerians to support the athletes. “As we prepare to take on the best of Africa in Egypt, I am confident that our athletes will make us proud. I urge all Nigerians to join me in supporting our team and celebrating the growth of sambo in our nation. Together, we can achieve greatness and show the world what we’re capable of.”

The 18th African Sambo Championships in Egypt will showcase the talent and resilience of Nigerian athletes on a continental stage, marking a new era for sambo in Nigeria.

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