Myths, good and bad about masturbation


People have different views about masturbation. While some people believe it helps to ease their bodies others say it is demonic. What are the health implications of this habit?


In 2021, a British professional boxer, Tyson Fury, revealed how masturbation helped him to achieve his dream. “I do it seven times in a day to keep fit and healthy,” says Fury.

On the contrary, Sen. Ololade has warned young people that masturbation is demonic. “You will be moaning alone with your spiritual wife,” he said.

With a topic, Mum okays Masturbation, a counselor called Chinemenma Ume, shared how she had a frank talk with some mothers some time ago and said she was yet to get over their argument.

She said one of the women asked her what she should do to her 16-year-old son whom she caught masturbating. She was disappointed and furious. “So I was giving her my advice and then her friend interrupted that she’d rather encourage her 17 and 19-year-old sons to masturbate than have girlfriends. She went on to argue that at least, she’s not going to be afraid of them impregnating any girl or contracting infections,” she revealed.

She disclosed that she usually didn’t like arguing with people who are arrogantly set on their ways, but that she couldn’t help but argue that time. “I asked her if she knows the health implications, the psychological damage and all? Yes, the Lady should go and study Law degree and no parenting isn’t some kind of experiment or child’s play,” she fumed.

Someone asked, “How can I handle a spouse who is addicted to masturbation?” The woman said before her husband became addicted to masturbation was ‘womanzing’ and she tried to fix him, that was because according to him and his friends, the girl he dated jilted him and got married.

“I have caught him severally masturbating, he pleaded and promised not to do it again but, I just caught him doing it again and as careless as he is, he left the door open and didn’t notice I entered the room as usual.

Should I leave him to continue with his womanizing and masturbating habits?

Or I should continue that he may change some day?

“I have caught him again today around 4am. I woke up and couldn’t find him in bed; I stayed for a while before I went out to look for him. He heard my footsteps and came out, I suspected and asked him to excuse me with his phone; he refused that was how I confirmed something was smelling. I insisted, after some minutes of silence, he opened the phone

“Trust Androids, it took me to the last thing he was doing “porn” what? He left me in the room and went out to the dark just to masturbate again. After I threatened to leave him the last time and he concluded if he tries it again, I should leave him.

“He knew that was going to be the end of us, he knelt, cried and begged me not to let go of him. We both sobbed.

“He confessed that he has been addicted to porn and he didn’t know how to tell me the last time I caught him because it is a thing of shame and that I should help him fight it, just like I helped him stop womanizing, that it could be spiritual than it seems.

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He told me leaving him isn’t going to help him… He promised to change because he loves me and don’t want to lose me.

Sharing her thoughts on masturbation, Agnes Olatunji, on how to do it yourself, said she gets a lot of questions on masturbation, most especially from ladies.

In her words: “Yes ladies masturbate a lot especially, virgins. Guys also masturbate, there is no debate on that. I am not here to argue who masturbates more; I need to deal with a serious issue.

“Sexual urge for ladies is strong, what makes it stronger for virgins is novelty, newness, the mystery and hearsays about sex,” Agnes said.

She defined masturbation as fondling one’s genitals consistently to achieve orgasm. “Ladies may stroke their clitoris while guys rub, massage or cares their penises. I decided to make explicit explanation because some ask me what masturbation is, some ladies especially, virgins use candles, banana, small bottles, sticks, dildos or anything that represents penis and do solo sex (sex by yourself).

“From teenage years upwards you will have a strong desire for sex. It is a sure sign you are normal and capable of having and enjoying sex in marriage. In your 20s it will be stronger and intense, you may wakeup in the morning feeling horny for no single reason in the world.

You go hot on spotting a curvy lady, you may start noticing shapes and curves and you start shaking your head several times to keep the image off. You may wake up and start watching romantic movies and discharge something. You check up and discover you are wet. All these are normal, you haven’t committed any sin.

“So what then do you do when you get hot and horny? Have sex?” She asked rhetorically. “I know you know my answer and some single will never be caught dead sleeping around, so what do they do? They masturbate! They give themselves release through solo sex while claiming virginity at the same time (for the virgins). Masturbation is totally wrong and not the way out.

Let me explain: “Masturbation is not done in isolation, it is done with the image of person in mind. It can be a lover, an ex, a celebrity, married person, someone you love but incapable to have. You imagine having sex with them while masturbating. That is mental fornication.

“For ladies, while inserting all manner of objects, you may mistakenly deflower yourself or introduce infection into your genitals and womb. It will be very difficult to convince your future partner that you have never had sex with man except objects during your solo sex.

“You kill your ability to enjoy sex in the future. Millions of men and woman don’t enjoy sex in their marriages which leads to sexual frustration, adultery, lesbianism and feminism,” Agnes explained.

Furthermore, she said, if you have orgasm by yourself, you won’t be able to get it from your husband, if you used objects in your private part, you won’t have feelings for your husband’s penis or your wife’s private part again, you will always think of something harder, bigger, longer, larger and completely unrealistic. Women who complain that their husbands’ penises are too small didn’t marry as virgin. They must have been promiscuous as singles

“You will not have a good sex life as a man, you will have pre-mature ejaculation and your wife won’t enjoy you leading to acute sexual frustration in marriage. You need self-control to fully enjoy sex and give your wife maximum sexual pleasure.

A woman enjoys sex when a man can go for at least seven minutes before ejaculation. Because you are used to instant release from masturbation you may not be able to go more than a few minutes before exploding, leaving your wife completely unsatisfied and frustrated. She may close up and become frigid and stop having sex altogether, which may lead you having an affair.

She having an affair or both of you having affairs. Self-control before marriage helps enjoy sex to the maximum. You are able to delay ejaculation, go on for a long time and have excellent orgasm while giving your wife pleasure too. That’s why total virginity pays!

“If you do not suffer pre-mature ejaculation, you may have serious problem with delayed/retarded ejaculation, a situation where you get erection several hours without ejaculation or orgasm. What is the benefit of sex without orgasm? Rough masturbation with hands kills your ability to feel/enjoy sex with your wife. It is hell for a woman to be under a man who thrusts in for hours unable to ejaculate. How will the woman get pregnant?

It’s the reason some women are seemingly barren and can’t talk to anybody out of embarrassment. Thrusting hard for so long leave the woman sore, frustrating and hating sex altogether. You have so much to lose sexually, when you masturbate. Abstaining from such degrading act helps you feel relaxed, confident having normal sexual intercourse and enjoy the pleasure that comes with sex in marriage. Also, you start having sex in dream with known or unknown persons.

“You feel drained, dirty, empty, useless and powerless after each act. You start getting unsatisfied and want the real thing you fantasize more about sex and start longing for the real act.

“Your warped view of the opposite sex, you see them as sexual objects and start having sex with anything in skirt or trouser. You become promiscuous. Finally, you get damaged, hurt and broken. Avoid it and end it with speed if you are seriously involved in it.”

Another expert admonished young people to win war against masturbation to avoid leaky penis.

The person who used a pseudo name, Herbal Love said: “Leaky penis,” also known as seminal leakage, occurs when excessive amounts of pre-cum exudes involuntary before an ejaculation.

While pre-cum is essential in preparing for an ejaculation, it creates some unwanted side effects, including soft erections, premature ejaculations and urinary problems. Most leaky penis problems develop over years. The problem is often attributed to excessive masturbation, but other known causes have been noted as well.

“How It Happens: Excessive masturbation applies stress to the prostate gland and trains the pelvic muscles to contract, mimicking a state of orgasm that will open the ejaculation valve prematurely and allowing semen to leak out. Frequent ejaculations often deplete the essential hormones, neurotransmitters and neuro-growth factors.”

He emphasized that, with little hormones, neurotransmitters and growth factors, the parasympathetic nerves become damaged while the penis becomes limp. “Men who try to stimulate the penis will often ejaculate prematurely.

For young adults, excessive masturbation will deplete essential hormones and neurotransmitters such as HGH, DHEA, acetylcholine, GABA and serotonin, growth factors and hormones needed for sexual nerve development during puberty.”

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