‘My mum accused my wife of ruining her birthday by going into labour – I’m livid’



…A new dad has been left fuming at his mum after she claimed his wife ‘purposefully went into labour’ to ruin her birthday – and he’s banned her from seeing his kid

For many dads, being present for the birth of your child is a life-changing moment, and it’s one that you’ll certainly never forget, as it’ll no doubt rank as one of the best days of your life.

But one new dad has been left furious after he spent the weekend helping his wife through the birth of their first child – only to be moaned at by his own mum for being too busy to wish her a happy birthday.

The dad said his wife went into labour on Thursday evening and didn’t give birth until the early hours of Monday morning, and he had been with her the whole time.

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And after going through a night of no sleep on Friday, he was exhausted on Saturday, so he completely forgot to send his mum a happy birthday text message.

In a post on Reddit, he said: “My wife gave birth to our baby girl recently after an extremely long labour. She started on Thursday evening and our baby was born on Monday in the early hours of the morning.

“My mum’s birthday was on Saturday. During the labour, I was by my wife’s side at all times to make her comfortable, but in doing this I got no sleep on Friday night meaning on Saturday I was fighting sleep and I could only really focus on what was happening in front of me. I didn’t have the energy to really think much, meaning I forgot my mum’s birthday.

“She sent me a few messages but my wife and I agreed that we would send the initial baby is coming text but wouldn’t make contact again until our baby was born, so I ended up not looking to see what the messages were.”

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As soon as he realised, the man phoned his mum to apologise, but the woman was furious – and even accused his wife of somehow planning her labour to coincide with her birthday so that she could steal the spotlight.

And in response to her harsh comments, the dad has banned her from seeing her newborn granddaughter.

He added: “After my daughter was born I saw my mum’s text and felt really bad so I called her up and apologised but also explained. My mum didn’t accept my apology and started to blame my wife by saying she purposely went into labour around the time of her birthday.

“I got annoyed and hung up but I also told her that she isn’t welcome to see my baby for a few days. My whole family is constantly texting me and saying that I was wrong and that I’m an awful son for keeping her grandbaby away from her.”

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The new dad said his mum is “always toxic” to his wife, and following her latest outburst, he’s decided to cut off all contact with her for “a little while” so he and his wife can settle into their new lives as parents without judgement.

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And commenters were firmly on his side, with many of them encouraging him to “stay strong” and do what’s right for his wife and daughter.

One person said: “You’re doing the right thing, stay strong.”

While another added: “You did the right thing. I can’t believe that your mum thinks that your wife deliberately went into labour. That’s not how that works. I probably wouldn’t let anyone meet the baby for a long time.”

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