My marriage to Olowu was on based on diabolical lies, rape – ex-wife


The ex-wife of Olowo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi, Chanel Chin, has accused the monarch of raping her before marriage.


Speaking GIO Tv, Chanel Chin talked about what happen to her even before she married the Oluwo and why the marriage was not a success

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She also said that the accusation by the Olowu that she tried to kill him and that he caught a man in her room were all lies

She alleged that the Oluwo lied to her and that from the beginning the marriage to the Oluwo was on based on diabolical lies

She called the Oluwo a scumbag and a man that lacks integrity all because before the marriage the Oluwo told her that he had five kids and that three of them triplets in Canada he is not sure they are his.

But after marriage, she discovered that he had nine kids and son is the ninth and she asked him about it he said if I told you the truth you will not agree to marry me.

She said further that suffered a lot in the marriage and even now that she is not in the marriage the suffering has not abated

She said: I had to go the Canadian Embassy in Nigeria to register as distress person.

“Tell the people that you raped me the first night you met me. One month later, I missed my menses and I was pregnant.

“Oluwo’s coronation was in Jan 2016, I met him in Feb 2016 and my baby was born in Nov 2016. November from February is 9 months.

” When I met Oluwo, February 2nd he raped me and because he raped me, the next day, he said to me, ‘we’re going to the palace. we’re going to Iwo and I’ll make you queen. So I went with him.

“The very next day, when we got to Iwo, there was no palace. The palace didn’t even have a roof. There was no palace. We were staying in one Barrister Atanda’s home. He’s also based in the UK, he can attest to this. There was no palace, there was no royalty, there was nothing.

“There was even a family that came, they were so upset because Oluwo dis-virgined one girl from that town and promised that family marriage. So, when that family got to find out one Canadian was with this King, he went to the news.

“He started sleeping around with a lot of women, from Lagos to Iwo to Osogbo, to Ibadan. He was sleeping with a lot of women and promising them Olori.

“When people found out that there was one Jamaican woman living with him, he went to the press and put this fake news about his wife from Canada, that he married me in Canada and that I came to Nigeria to claim my rightful spot, which was a lie. Even before I stepped foot in that palace, I already had a gang of enemies.” She said.

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