My ex-hubby drove me away with a gun over hygiene issues–Sandra Iheuwa

Sandra Iheuwa

By Orji Onyekwere

Popular business woman Sandra Iheuwa, has opened up on why her marriage to business man, Steve Maduka was short-lived. The CEO of Ella Rose and Ella Shipments and Logistics said, she was forced to leave her matrimonial home after her husband, threatened to shoot her with a gun as he drove her out of the house.

The mother of four, made this revelation while speaking in the recent episode of The Honest Bunch Podcast, co-hosted by comic actor and on air personality, Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, aka Nedu. She said her ex husband evicted her out of their home for not prioritising domestic hygiene. The business woman pointed out that despite doing everything to adapt to house chores, he still was not convinced as he insisted that she must leave the marriage because to him, she was just ‘pretending’.

Iheuwa further explained that even with her heavy pregnancy and having a chef to cook; her estranged husband insisted that she still needed to be in the kitchen to supervise the chef.

Her words, “’’He said, I was throwing pillows on the floor and I wasn’t cleaning the house. We had a house boy, so I don’t understand how a whole CEO and businesswoman has to be cleaning her whole house.

“He also said that I wasn’t cooking for him. We had a chef. He said I needed to be in the kitchen directing the chef and I said we already have a timetable.

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“So, one morning, he woke me up and was like, ‘Sandra, leave my house. He actually threatened me with a gun. He said he was gonna shoot me. He was shouting and insulting my parents. I was doing everything he wanted me to do. I left my business and I was cooking, doing everything with heavy pregnancy. I will serve him food on the tray because that is what he wanted. He is a traditional man. So, I did all of that. He said, Nah, I’m pretending.

“He said that I was pretending that if he just gave me another week, I would go back to the way I was. I told him that I wasn’t pretending that I was doing what it took to take care of my marriage, protect my marriage. But he insisted I leave’’.”

Iheuwa also clarified misconceptions about her personality, stating that she will stand up for herself when necessary, though she is not a troublemaker by nature. She further clarified the misunderstanding over her relationship with Ubi Franklin, whom she described more as a boyfriend rather than a husband.

You will recall that after her split with Ubi Franklin, Sandra married the CEO of Royal Hairs Limited, Steve Maduka.

In a recent Instagram post after her marriage broke down, the entrepreneur revealed that men; including billionaires, have been approaching her for a relationship despite being a mother of four children.

According to her post, ‘’I am a mother of 4, men dey rush me. Not just men, billionaires. As a single mother, never limit yourselves. Do better and be better and things will fall into place.’’

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