Musician urges colleagues to produce motivational, inspirational songs

Lagos – A musician, songwriter and record producer, Jesse Okonkwo, popularly known as ” Jesse Raey” on Sunday urged fellow musicians to produce inspirational and motivational songs to help uplift people’s moral.

Raey said in Lagos that a lot of people in the country were depressed and needed motivation to move on with life.

He said that even if people did not say how down cast they were; one could notice their mood and how they acted before trying to harm themselves or become a recluse.

“Some people do feel inferior but with inspiration from music they listen to; it will make them believe in themselves; it would uplift their morals for them to do more.

“My lyrical content is for those set of people to be proud of what they are doing and tackle their life head on and not to be depressed,” he said.

The musician, who came out top eight at the Nigerian Idol, season four, 2014, musical reality show, said that motivational and inspirational songs would help people achieve a lot in life.

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He said that his was to aid the people to think well, adding that music is food for the soul; it calms one down; it takes one to another realm.

“So when one is depressed, you can listen to motivational and inspirational songs to boost your moral up,” he said.

Raey noted that anyone depressed could be motivated through his songs, “it cools one’s mind down.”

He said that his colleagues should be doing so to motivate people through songs, adding that even happy people also needed music.

“Motivation and inspiration is for everyone because of what we are experiencing in the nation today.

“I am in touch with humanity and we need to save humans from depression; good music is evergreen.”

NAN reports that Jesse Okonkwo is a graduate of Lagos State University, Lagos State. (NAN)

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