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Wizkid- Ojuelegba
A true chronicle of the Star Boy!

“Ojuelegba” is the 5th track off Wizkid’s “Ayo” album. The song was inspired by his experiences and sojourn in and around this part of Lagos, Nigeria (Ojuelegba).

Published on Jan 5, 2015, and as at press time, the video already garnered a whooping sum of 653,851 views on Youtube.
The 3:43 secs. video directed by Clarence Peters and produced by Legendary Beatz, opens with a motor park scene, where bus conductors keeps calling for passengers on their way to one of the popular cities in Lagos State, Ojuelegba, which also happens to be the title of the song.
And of course, typical of other activities which usually takes place at motor parks, we see traders getting about their business, and passersby moving to and fro- a nice one there for a video which goes by such title, and a well painted picture-scene of what truly goes on at all motor parks across Nigeria.  
Enters Wizkid draped in an all-black attire matched with red pair of chocks. He boards the bus to Ojuelegba and begins to sing about how his hustling journey started at Ojuelegba. This is also a nice concept where viewers were made to see their superstar, Wizkid ride in a public bus and are able to connect with his grass to grace tale.
The children running around the street and riding tyre, the wheelbarrow pusher, rugged streets, roadside traders, the conductor with a the deep cut Yoruba tribal mark- all nice props and good side attractions which gave life to the song.
Yet, Wizkid should have done away with his ear stud since we are sure that wasn’t part of him while he was yet to be Wizkid. Although, we know there was nothing he could do to cover up those tattoo which weren’t there at that time too.
Clean video there and good lighting.
The slow and steady Afro beat is quite perfect, making it easy for everyone to grasp those lyrics.
And then, he takes us right inside the house where he grew…an exceptional move which most acts may not have taken.
His attitude to the song lyrics is also on point…like the way he clapped his palms together in a thankful manner with his face lifted up…more like expressing how grateful he is to God.
Fast forward to who he’s grown to become, the Wizkid we all know…in the dark studio with just the Piano guy, wires on the floor, writings on the wall…where he lies on the single sofa, singing on like he’s got no more worries- nice!
Good lighting in that studio.
And then, from eating unbalanced diet of eba and vegetable on wooden benches and tables, he chronicles his present lifestyle where he now eats good food alongside fruits while sitting on glassy dining table. Dope scene there.
However, he shouldn’t have had that scene with the glassy dining table inside the same dark and sad environment where he was as a hustling kid…not a nice expression there.
Again, he wore almost the same clothes all through. He should have had a change of clothes to further portray the scenes
Overall, 7/10.

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