Music is the most impactful of my talents, says R&B artiste Chime Tsnare


Just as his name never fails to get fans wondering when they hear it for the first time, multitalented R&B/dancehall artiste and producer, Amakiri Chimeleadhu also never gets tired of explaining how he came about his stage name.

The artiste recently found himself explaining again to fans on Instagram, “Chime is the short form of my name Chimeleadhu, while Tsnare is derived from the name of my company/studio, Thunder Snare,” he explained.

Similarly, Chime Tsnare also explained why he prefer guitar and piano as his lead instruments: “Amongst all musical instruments, the piano was the first instrument that drew my attention from my tender age which prompted me to start learning how to play it; and I got more attached to it when I discovered I could use it to make demo beats for songs and use the beats to perform in Fridays and Sunday fellowships.

I later got so much interest in the guitar as my love for Spanish sounds grew and the guitar was that one instrument I could use to play those Spanish tones I love so much like the ones in The Desperadoes,” he stated.

On why he chose a career path in music, Chime Tsnare said: “I use to be a kid with a lot of talents in engineering, technology and music, but amongst all of my talents, music was that one thing that when I do, even without applying so much effort, people tend to love it so much and this encouraged me to keep doing it.”

Continuing, he said further: “Based on the huge impact of my music, and the requests I was getting, I was convinced that amongst all my abilities, music is the tool I could use as a starting point to make positive impacts in society.”

Having gone through the process, the R&B artist-cum-producer has an idea of what it takes for up-and-coming artistes to hit the limelight quickly. “Getting marketable content is the first step; having the right promotional budget to sponsor the marketing and promotion to enable the world to get to know about the brand is another, and these are not easy to get,” he articulates.

Chime Tsnare advises aspiring musicians to be patient and to believe in their talents and work daily to hone their musical skills. “Most importantly, trust in God and let Him guide your steps,” he says.

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