Mum Infects 17 Biological Children With COVID-19

A Mum who was ignorant of her COVID-19 status ended up infecting 17 children, some of them adoptees all because she did not show early signs of the infection.

Coronavirus could be of devastating impact if not discovered on time, as demonstrated with this example.

The woman, Brittany Jencik of Penfield, near Rochester in New York, United States, said she infected about five weeks ago, according to Daily Mail of UK.

Mum children

She eventually became ill from the virus and the children also began showing symptoms.

Jencik says the deadly flu-like virus, also known as COVID-19, hit the family ‘like a freight train,It was terrifying. I was a little ahead of them in the timing of it all,” the mother said.

“I was as afraid of my life as I had ever been, and not much scares me,” she added.

It was not clear how Jencik herself was infected.

Jencik says that for a couple of days while she was her sickest, “I was extremely concerned that I was never going to be the same.”

Now, after weeks of isolation, the family is slowly recovering.

Jencik said a friend’s cleaning service came to sanitise the surfaces of her home.

Matt Moreno, CEO of Purify Global, brought in a team of 12 in rubber hazmat suits.

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“We put on commercial grade gas masks with a cartridge that’s meant to withstand a nuclear attack,” he said.
Jencik’s familywaited outside the home during the two-hour cleaning job.

“I needed to know from my mama heart that I was protecting the people I love to the best extent I possibly could,” she said.

After this incident everyone is adviced to please take proper precusionary meassures to adhered to all rules set by the Federal Government and the NCDC.

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