Millions to attend 2024 Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris, this week

All is set for the much anticipated 2024 edition of the record-breaking Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, this week.

Year after year, the Global Ministers’ Classroom has recorded a tremendous increase in Ministers’ attendance from 8 million in 2018, and 78 million in 2022, to a record-breaking attendance of 168 million in 2023, making it the largest online classroom in the world.

Since its inception, in 2018, the Global Ministers’ Classroom (GMC), an interdenominational program under the auspices of the International School of Ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has been a special assembly of all categories of Ministers of the Gospel – Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists, Bishops, Youth Ministers, Church Founders, Lay Ministers, and Ministry Leaders, who converge in a Global Online Classroom to fellowship with one another and interact with divine knowledge and information, with the distribution of Grace.

The 2-day impactful program has further positioned millions of Ministers of the Gospel with divine knowledge requisite for effective Ministry, ignited their passion for Ministry work, answered questions in their hearts eliminating confusion, and provided tools for Kingdom advancement in these last days.
Now in its 6th edition, the Ministers’ Global Classroom with Pastor Chris, is scheduled to hold from Friday 24th May by 2 pm (GMT +1), to Saturday 25th May, 2024.

This year’s edition will feature quality and applicable teachings from seasoned Senior Ministers of the Gospel around the world, impact testimonies from previous program attendees, a question and answer segment with Pastor Chris, panel discussions on carefully selected topics relevant to ministers in this Gospel age, and lots more which includes plenary sessions by the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

It will be a phenomenal time of revelatory teachings and distribution of Grace for the final phase of the work of the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ in these last days.

“From Friday, all the way into Saturday, I get to share some very important things. This is going to be very powerful; it means a lot for the work of the Ministry”, said Rev. Chris Oyakhilome.

The program will be broadcast live on the ISM online platforms in all languages of the world, giving every minister the opportunity to participate in the languages they best understand.

Registration has commenced in earnest. So, register yourself, other Ministers, and Christian Leaders in your sphere of contact, using the link below:
Myriads of testimonies were recorded from previous editions as Ministers excitedly recounted their experiences and testimonies of the impact of the program:

“Pastor Chris taught about what manner of man we are and the Holy Spirit was ministering to me that if you look into the Word, you will see what manner of Church we are supposed to be.

When Pastor said, “This year is the year of the Prolific Church, wherever you are, just proliferate”; I didn’t think about how, being in Europe, I just stepped into the prophecy. I returned from the GMC with a bigger heart and vision for Europe, because Europe really needs to be reached.

Praise the Lord!” –Pastor Marlien Lawend from the Netherlands (GMC 2023)
“Being mentored by the man of God, Pastor Chris is one of the greatest blessings any minister can ask for. I always look forward to opportunities to hear the teachings with Pastor Chris and all what I received from the GMC was more than a teaching; they were life truth and practical too.

As he spoke, I was hearing the Holy Spirit speak solutions to issues in my ministry. I took action notes for implementation. These are things you can’t find in a Theology book. Thank you so much Pastor Sir for yielding yourself to the ministry of the Spirit in such a very special way and for always pouring out the wisdom of God into us your children.

I love you dearly Sir.” – Pastor Isaiah Fine from UK (GMC 2022)
“I’m amazed at how much knowledge I took out of the ISM Global Ministers’ Classroom. It was more than a program to me. Pastor Chris taught us about ministry, he helped us to understand the times we are living in right now.

At the end of each lesson when he prayed, those words he shared lifted me, strengthened, and transformed me. I know that together with Pastor Chris, we will take billions of people for the rapture. I am so thankful to you, Pastor Sir.” Pastor Helena Afelt from Ukraine (GMC 2023)
“After the GMC, we were charged to do more for the expansion of the kingdom of God, especially our ministers who attended for the first time.

We used to have limited visions, but we were stirred up in our inner man and our visions for the Gospel expanded.

The ministers were excited to do more for the kingdom of God; many of them indicated to start up minister cells. Praise God, we have started more than 30 cells! Praise God!” – Evangelist Archana Mamidi from the UK (GMC 2023).

As we count up to the much-awaited 2024 GMC, join Millions of ministers in the largest online classroom for the distribution of grace for effective Ministry. To register and participate, kindly use the link: Also, invite other Ministers of the Gospel and Church leaders.

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