Microsoft Teams unveils Avatars for immersive spaces, mesh standalone


In a groundbreaking announcement at the highly anticipated #msbuild conference, Microsoft delighted users worldwide by revealing the release of Avatars in Microsoft Teams, Immersive Spaces and Mesh.

Speaking about benefits to over 140M daily users of Teams, Oladipupo Bolaji, a Product manager on the mesh teams said, “The introduction of Avatars in Microsoft Teams amplifies the benefits of virtual collaboration by adding personalization, engagement, and a sense of presence.

“By leveraging Avatars, Teams users can connect, collaborate, and communicate in a more natural, inclusive, and immersive manner, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of virtual teamwork”

According to him, Teams, Microsoft’s popular communication and collaboration platform, will now allow users to personalize their virtual presence and fully express their personalities through Avatars.

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“Users can customize their Avatars, choosing from a wide range of features, hairstyles, outfits, and accessories to create a virtual representation that closely resembles their real-life selves.

“This personal touch enhances the sense of presence, making interactions in Teams more engaging, authentic and human” he affirmed.

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