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Microsoft set to invest $1bn in OpenAI

Ladesope Ladelokun with Agency Report

Not less than $1 billion will be invested by Microsoft Corporation in a partnership with research group Open AI, gaining a cloud-computing customer from the artificial intelligence field.

OpenAI is expected to use Microsoft Azure cloud services to train and run the group’s AI software. The two will also jointly develop supercomputing technology and Microsoft will be Open AI’s preferred partner to commercialise its creations, the company said in a statement on Monday.

Open AI and Microsoft will depend on Microsoft’s work on supercomputer to build technology in Azure that possesses the scale to train and run AI sophisticated models.

Open AI’s co-founder and chairman, Greg Brockman, said Open AI was pleased with the partnership because it is pleased with Azure supercomputing roadmap.

“We choose Microsoft as our cloud partner because we are excited about Azure’s supercomputing roadmap. We believe we can work with Microsoft to develop hardware and software platform within Microsoft Azure which will scale to AGI,” he said

The charity foundation of LinkedIn co-founder, Reid Hoffman and Venture Capital firm, Khosla Ventures are also OpenAI investors.

Open AI started in 2015 with industry luminaries like Elon Musk and Peter Thiel committing about $1 billion to build AI that could match or improve on the technology being developed by Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

However, Musk said he left Open AI board last year because of disagreements about some of the group’s plan.

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