Michael Jackson’s Skin Disorder now a 2015 Fashion Accessory


The skin disorder that affected controversial music legend, Michael Jackson after his skin change through plastic surgeries is being cast in a positive light today.

The Daily Telegraph U.K. recently published an article that stated having a skin condition like Michael Jackson’s is the best fashion accessory you can have. Specifically, they cited a popular model, Winnie Harlow who has the same skin condition as Michael Jackson — and how it has been her most valuable asset in the fashion modeling world.

The condition is known as vitiligo, and Winnie Harlow and Michael Jackson both had the genetic predisposition for the condition. When Michael Jackson was still alive, he was heavily criticized for using skin bleaching as a way to ameliorate vitiligo. Worse, people wondered if Michael Jackson was lying about having vitiligo — and was simply bleaching his skin to look like a white person.

Michael Jackson talked to Oprah in 1993 about his experiences with vitiligo, and stated that he never purposely bleached his skin — but there was still skepticism. After Michael Jackson died, Hip Hop Wired published an article talking about the large number of skin lightening creams that were found at his residence.

When Michael Jackson’s death was put on trial in 2013, it was revealed from his autopsy findings that vitiligo was a genetic condition he actually had. CNN reported at the time, “The autopsy confirmed what Jackson told people who questioned why his skin tone became lighter in the 1980s. Jackson had ‘vitiligo, a skin pigmentation disease.’”

Now this year the skin condition has been declared as the official fashion accessory trend of 2015. Winnie is being hired everywhere all because she has the skin disorder. Instead of using skin bleaching or foundation to cover up the contrasting skin tone patterns that vitiligo is known for, Designers want her to display her skin condition to the fullest.

Winnie Harlow gets the job specifically for her Michael Jackson-esque complexion. If Michael Jackson was still alive, he might have not have been castigated as he was.

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