Mavin Looku Looku: Where is the swag?

When the Mavins released their first group song, ‘Dorobucci’, it was not only well received, everyone danced to its infectious beat. Its popularity soared as it garnered close to 7,685, 887 views on Youtube, perhaps because of its catchy beat. Naturally, everyone’s expectation of what to expect from their stables, heightened. So when ‘Looku Looku’ got released two weeks ago, just like ‘Dorobucci’, it was well received and two weeks after, it is still receiving massive air rotation on TV, radio, and on social media. As at press time, the song already had 225, 192 views on Youtube which is quite impressive.


However, despite the fact that ‘Looku Looku’ video has been enjoying a huge buzz, it is obvious that it is nowhere near the kind of buzz ‘Dorobucci’ enjoyed.
‘Looku Looku’ video opens with a scene showing the city of Lagos, including bikers and cars announcing the group’s arrival, a nice concept if I must say. The part where Don Jazzy steps down from his car into the waiting arms of the cheering crowd waving the Supreme Mavin Dynasty flag, is also a good scene as it depicts the message in the song. His attitude while introducing the song is also on point. But Reekado Banks comes in with his line and the energy drops. It appears he wasn’t emotionally ready for his part. His rendition was too cold.


However, Don Jazzy returns the energy with the chorus, jerking up the tempo of the song again.

Also, with the kind of raga beat ‘Looku Looku’ has, one  expected electrifying choreography which is almost absent; most of the dancers who were ladies, merely rolled their bodies as if they were dancing to an R & B song. They should have considered featuring some flexible young men who know how to twist their bodies and add some swag to the video. The video and sound quality are on point, the lighting was good, especially the dark scene with piercing car head lights which I consider dope. It also has good props, costumes and near perfect stage management.


One wonders why naira notes were not used in the scene where Dr. Sid was seen counting some money rather than dollar notes seen in the video. That was a huge mistake.

Korede Bello totally ‘killed’ his lines, what with a sonorous voice like his. He made his part all the more interesting by adding some drama. D’ija’s Hausa feel is another added advantage to the song while Tiwa Savage’s part was made interesting by her voice quality, her swag, her eye movements and her raga dance steps.

For the 3: 48 seconds video, I score it 7/10.

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