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By Chinedu Oparaku

Technology is taking over the world, and to remain relevant in this changing world, you must follow the thread.

Getting skilled is the only advantage you can have in this world of technology. This article explains the various high-demand skills in the tech ecosystem.

The factors to consider when picking up a tech skill are the average salary, the competition, and the availability of resources.

Data analysis is one of the most sought-after skills in the tech ecosystem. It identifies threads, makes intelligent predictions, and wisely invests. Many companies seek data analysts to structure their data and ensure every item is accounted for.

Young people going into tech should consider this skill, as it provides many opportunities and is well-paid. We must be efficient in SQL, Python, Microsoft Excel, and Power BI.

Another in-demand skill in the tech ecosystem is Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence is the capacity of a computer or other device to simulate human intelligence, including problem-solving techniques, language comprehension and response, experience-based learning, object recognition, and decision-making.

Data scientists, research scientists, business intelligence developers, machine learning engineers, and big data engineers or architects are among the careers in artificial intelligence. You must be proficient in machine learning ideas, deep learning domains, and programming languages like Python and SQL.

Gaining an advantage over other candidates during interviews can be achieved by a basic understanding of cloud computing and CI/CD development. Additionally, you can concentrate on particular artificial intelligence fields like reinforcement learning, time series analysis, image processing, or natural language processing.

Cloud computing is another high-demand niche in tech. The supply of computer services via the Internet, or the cloud, includes data storage, networking, web servers, database management systems, marketing automation, and business analytics.

A career as a full stack developer, senior software engineer, cloud engineer, Java developer, or software architect can benefit from knowing cloud computing. The basic skills for cloud computing are networking concepts, data basement management and container and orchestration.

UI/UX, also called product design, is another highly demanding skill in tech. UX stands for user experience design, and UI stands for user interface design. Both design jobs collaborate closely to provide users or target consumers with a useful and enticing experience.

These specific abilities can benefit your creative director, design lead, or UI/UX designer work. Front-end development, graphic design, and UI prototyping are essential for a UI designer.

A UX designer’s job requires extensive user research, wireframing, prototyping, and usability testing. Designing with user needs and psychology in mind will help you produce intuitive, responsive, sympathetic, and user-friendly designs. Practical knowledge of design tools is also beneficial.

Finally, the next in-demand skill in the tech space is blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology records information in a way that makes it difficult to change or hack. It is a digital ledger of transactions originally designed for the digital currency Bitcoin.

It’s also useful for crowdfunding, identity management, file storage, person-to-person payments, and digital voting. Blockchain developers use blockchain skills combined with cryptography, data structures, algorithms and computer networking.

Understand that each skill is highly competitive, and to excel in any field, you must be persistent and consistent.

Chinedu Oparaku is a Marketing Tech leader and serves as Director of Marketing at Moniepoint Inc

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