Manhunt for Stanley continues years after


A man simply identified as Stanley Uyiosa Erhaighewu, a native of bini, in Benin City, Edo State is reportedly wanted by the Nigerian police and members of Ugbiyokho community after he allegedly committed sacrilegious and abominable act in the land on October 28th, 2019 with another male known as Victor who is said to be deceased.

It is strongly believed that in this community, acts of homosexuality or gay practices are forbidden and considered a taboo capable of incurring the wraths of the ancestors upon the people.

According to information made available, 5 years after the taboo was committed with one Mr Victor in the community, several misfortune, famine, pestilence and mysterious deaths have been recorded in the land as a combined team of the police and local vigilante in the community have launched a manhunt for Stanley Uyiosa Erhaighewu .

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Meanwhile, a neighbour(names withheld) who was arrested and held in custody for allowing Stanley escape from his firm grip said Stanley might have fled from the state/country as several months ago Stanley was said to have confided in someone in the community about obtaining travelling documents including visa to leave the country.

A statement by the police made available to journalists in Benin City said a resident of Ugbiyokho community who was in police custody had made useful confession that led to Stanley’s escape.

According to him, Stanley had hurt his wrists and ankles so he could no longer continue to hold him any longer as he was in severe pains which however led to his sudden escape..

The statement, however urged members of the general public with useful information that could lead to the arrest of the fleeing Stanley Uyiosa Erhaighewu to report at any nearby police station.

Meanwhile, youths and members of the community have vowed not to relent in the continued search for the fleeing Stanley as his physical presence is needed in atonement for his atrocities and cleansing of the community of all calamities brought upon them by the taboo. And to be arrested and persecuted by the government.

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