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Man who accompanied female friend to cinema at verge of losing marriage after wife finds out

Man who accompanied female friend to cinema at verge of losing marriage after wife finds out

A grieving British woman reveals how her male friend since age three almost lost his wife, after they both visited the cinema.

Daily Times gathers that the woman posted anonymously on mumsnet said that her friend told his wife about their trip to the cinema after it had happened and she was so furious that it almost caused the marriage to crash.

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Explaining the situation, the woman wrote: ‘I have a friend who I’ve known since I was 3 years old. Last year he got a job in a pub directly across the road from my house, so I see him quite often as he will occasionally stop by after a shift for a coffee or to see my kids, who they refer to as their uncle, they’re all very close. 

‘Over the years we’ve been to festivals together, holidays, camping trips etc. He was the best man at my wedding. 

‘Last year my husband passed away and my friend was great in helping sort things out, and just to have someone to chat to.’

‘We both like marvel films, which his wife hates, so when the new avengers film came out last year he bought tickets for the first showing as it was at 12 noon so we had time to watch it before getting the kids from school. His wife was at work and he was doing the school run.’ 

She continued: ‘She went absolutely apoplectic with rage when she found it. Said that going to the cinema was something couples do, I was desperate to get a man because my husband had died and now I was lonely etc. My friend was so disgusted with her [reaction] that it almost ended their marriage.’

The woman admitted she was stunned by her friend’s wife’s reaction, when she discovered they had gone to the cinema without telling her first. 

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‘I hadn’t really thought about it till today when it came up in conversation with two other friends who had very different views. One was of the opinion that it was fine, the other of the opinion that it’s never okay for men and women who are married to socialise like that as it’s disrespectful.

‘AIBU (Am I being unreasonable) to think the cinema with a friend is fine? She’s fine with him coming to my house but not the cinema? I just found it such a bizarre reaction and the nasty things she said about me following my husbands death were pretty unforgivable,’ she concluded.

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