Makarios Lifestyle: Blend of Nature and Modernity


By Ebere Chibuzor

Located in a serene setting, Makarios The Luxury Space will offer tourists lasting beautiful eco-tourism memories.

Spreading on a large expanse of land in about 15 minutes drive from the estate to the next Lekki airport, the Makarios in-house guests and tourists will explore leisure and adventure as long as they stay in the hotel.
Facing two major expressways with 24 hours smart technology security, conveniently, the propose estate five star hotel is located a few meters away from the grand mall.

However, the luxury green space is 15 minutes away from Dangote refinery, which is also, 15 minutes from the deep seaport.

The 1000 square meter shopping mall offers guests a wide range of unforgettable holiday experience with easy access to all shopping needs.

The distinctive nature of the water display anchors attraction that brings forth interactive water splash from dancing fountains to the beautiful light displays water which has never looked so elegant.

It will interest a tourist to visit the iconic mall, water park, and hotel and enjoy the five star living.

And there are three residencies in Makarios, such as the Anthino which is Flourish, the Akmazo apartment as well as Detached homes which is deleazo.

Although, the experience from covid has helped to change narrative of the management team of Makarios Luxury Space on the need for flexible working spaces and has made available 2,000 square meter of land for office developments.

The land community also includes a world-class hotel, 8,000 sqm mall, unique water fountain, water park, garden, and 3,000 -space car park among others providing an ideal environment for events and conferences.

Macarios Luxury Place aims to make states across Nigeria a tourist destination, adapting it as a project where people want to live in a place there is a shortfall of 17 million homes in Nigeria.

Moreover, Macarios actually represents plus, abundance, fortunate, increase, and prosper.
While, predicted on the thriving Lagos to have over 32 million residents in 2050 during the ceremonial breaking of the ground along Lekki expressway, Chairman of Makarios Luxury Properties, Mr. Matthew Ashimolowo, pointed out that Makarios was a mixture of both living and entertainment essential from 800 living spaces.

The facilities include 11 imperial towers, 230 service plots, 192 flourished homes and 18 detached houses.

“We wanted an estate where people can live that gives them a sense of excellence, that gives them a sense of serenity and also that is like a tourist destination.”

To buttress the claims,he noted, “the commercial section has the water display place and right now you and I are standing on what will become the water bowl.

If it weren’t for today’s event they will have dug this place, they’ll be putting the bumps here and some of the pumps will shoot water for 14 meters, 10 meters, 6 meters.

When the waters are condensed it like a screen TV, so they can project.

Continuing, behind the water, there will be two rooms, one controlling the water, one controlling the audio visual, projecting onto the water, the water dances to music.

We wanted a place you can bring your children, bring your family and you can relax.”

I came to Nigeria with my children and my grandchildren and I’m always wanting to impress my grandchildren with where to go and there’s not much in the city of 22 million to 24 million. So that’s what the commercial section of Macarios is, a water displace place, a water park for children, a big mall at the back of the water displace place, which is 8000 square meters , a school, an office, a hotel, Ashimolowo explained.”

In addition, ‘So, if you came from Kano you wanted to experience the place you didn’t want to go home you can stay in the hotel.

It is an event place and it meant that if you came here you could have your wedding, use the background of whatever is happening here and you use the event, use the hotel, that’s where we are on this side.

But, the residential our attempt again, is the place of excellence where there are tranquility, where there stability and where things work.

So when you buy Makarios you are not scratching your head about cabling for power, we have cabled it. You’re not scratching your head about draining we have a central system.

So, it’s like creating an Ikoyi away from Ikoyi without the price of Ikoyi.’

“This is the next Lagos because you’re standing right now 15 minutes from the next airport and that airport would going to be bigger than Murtala Muhammed International Airport whatever, it said to be the one that will be able to handle the Airbus 380.

I have flown in that airbus 380 severally but it can’t come to Nigeria because our airports are too small.

In five years time, people will wonder why they didn’t make the decision.

Today you are standing on this side of Lekki express, the other side even though you see house they actually occupying the space for incoming rail line that would come from Marina and go to the airport, so this is the future.

It took us 23 years to consolidate these, we were not in a hurry, if we were hurry to quickly look for money we would have cut it and sold, we waited 23 years and we don’t owe anyone. If we owe anything it’s our 27 roads which we took a loan from one of the banks to do the roads and the roads are ready.

Nobody builds real estate the way we are doing it, where we have already put the infrastructure before you even buying your plots.

Makarios is everyone. Makarios is Muslim, Christian, Animist, whatever and that is why we don’t use Christian language. And so, we do not discriminate, I do want that kind of estate, every Nigeria is entitled to honor, dignity, respect and celebration.”

“I have made-up my mind that nobody who lives in makarios will have to be told sorry we can’t pump water to your side, there will always be adequate water as long as we hit the deepest aquifer from where we can draw water.”

On security, he said, “my estate is going to be the most secure and I think that because it is facing the lagoon it may have a slice challenge. So, we’re going to do everything when it comes to security in this estate, so when the person lives here he will feel secure and go to bed.

I want if you’re a governor you need not to bring extra security.”

On innovation to bring into construction industry in Nigeria, he stated, “we want to focus on the environment.

We want to build an estate where people live on Nigeria still believe they are abroad. We want to change the narrative.”

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