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Maggy Soas & SpiritAndSoul Set To Kick off mentorship programme

Maggy Soas, the founder and owner of “SpiritAndSoul” fashion house has shared her plans to kick off a yearly internship and mentoring program.

She says starting in April 2021 SpiritAndSoul will begin a yearly mentoring program aimed at helping young men and women who are passionate about fashion designing and styling to kick start their career.

She is of the opinion that it is always better to invest in people than in material things.“You could buy 10 houses, but can only live in one.

So I would much rather mentor 10 people, who will in turn invest in 10 or more others, that way the cycle goes around”, she says.

Maggy said the program, which was scheduled to begin in 2020, was put on hold due to the covid-19 pandemic restrictions.

She said, “given the state of rising infections and hospitalizations caused by the pandemic it would not make any moral sense to kick off the program while there’s still risk of rising infections.”

She pointed out that mentorship programs work better when mentees understudy or shadow their mentors in person on a day-to-day basis, as opposed to remotely.

Ms. Soas further stated that she considered doing the program online, but then it would defeat the in person interactive purpose of the program.

She said the program will be free and open to individuals in both high school and undergraduate college.

As stylist for some high profiles individuals Ms. Soas says she intends to leverage on her connections to partner with some of her clients to make the program a successful one. As she loves to say, “when you open your spirit you express your soul”.00

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