Ludacris' Babymama Calls Him a Bad Dad for Hiring Nanny

You recall that Ludacris’s wife became pregnant just three month after their wedding and there was an ongoing legal battle on the custody of the one year old child Ludacris shares with his Ex and babymama which he won.

Now however, Ludacris’ baby mama, Tamika Fuller wants the case to be reopened because she believes that Luda didn’t tell the court the whole truth.

She now claims in legal documents that the court should revisit the case because Luda didn’t say his new wife is pregnant and he’s such a bad parent because he’s getting a nanny to do the job.

Her point is she wants to regain custody of her one year old daughter because Ludacris now has a nanny and having a nanny makes you a bad parent. Let’s see how she wins on this one.

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