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Lies, Insinuations About REDAN’s Leadership Role in Real Estate Bill

Threatened to sue Premium Times

By Nsikak Ekpenyong

The leadership of the Real Estate Developer’s Association of Nigeria (REDAN) on Monday denied ever had an interfaced withMr. Magaji Tambuwal, the Clerk of the National Assembly as allegedly published by Premium Times.

In a press statement personally signed by the President of REDAN, Dr. Aliyu Oroji Wamakko said it is apt to state that REDAN proposed the Bill to the 9th Assembly to strengthen the Business of Real Estate Development in Nigeria, at no time did the leadership of the Association interfaced with Mr. Magaji Tambuwal, the Clerk of the National Assembly.

And also, the Association did not interfere with the proceedings of the Bill at any of the Chambers of the National Assembly, Dr. Wammako said.

The statement reads, “Mr Kabir of the Premium Times posited that Mr. West Idahosa SAN in a letter to the Attorney General of the Federation ‘advised the President not to sign the “unlawful Bill under any guise whatsoever (including the plot to back-date the signing as widely rumoured by members of REDAN who are the proponent of the Bill). We therefore call on Mr. Kabir to mention those Members. Most deserving from Mr Kabir is for him to tell Nigerians, those REDAN Members that “lobbied Mr Tambuwal to send the false bill to the President for assent”. Failure to provide names will prompt the Association to seek redress from the Court for this infamous statement.

Opposition to Regulating the Business of Real Estate in Nigeria

“From the publication of the Premium Times, it can be inferred that some persons do not want the Bill assented to. It is bold to say that the only plausible reason for such abhorrence is that they are neck deep in money laundering business and financing of terrorism.

They are obviously economic saboteurs who want to tarnish the image of Nigeria. To the current leadership of REDAN, if the business is regulated, the law enforcement agents and regulators will catch-up with them and they will not only be exposed but their businesses will crumble.

“We state that REDAN is not averse to amendments, recommendations or inputs that could make the Bill better, to strengthen and deepen Real Estate Development as in other climes.

Finally, the composition of the Council as proposed include: regulatory organizations, Members of the Council of seven Professional Bodies in the Built Industry, Commissioner for Lands / Housing and Urban Development of each State of the Federation, amongst others.

“We once again state categorically that REDAN is not in a position to influence a constituted tier of government – the Legislature. The National Assembly is an independent entity and an arm of Government, established by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“REDAN leadership hereby reiterate our call to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to assent to the Bill for the interest of Nigeria’s economy as the RECON Bill stands to cure the inherited problems of collapse building, money laundering and terrorism financing prevalent in the real estate and construction industry, in line with the Renewed Hope Agenda.

“The National Executive Council of the Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria (REDAN), has deemed it necessary to clear the air on the publication by the Premium Times on November 19, 2023 by Kabir Yusuf captioned “How National Assembly Clerk misinformed Tinubu, almost got President to sign unapproved law”.

Establishment of REDAN

“The Real Estate developers Association of Nigeria (REDAN) being the umbrella body of the organized real estate sector (private and public) duly recognized by the Federal government in the National Housing Policy as approved by the Federal Executive Council was established in 2002. It’s mandate is to provide affordable housing for Nigerians.

“REDAN & the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Bill Given the need to regulate and sanitize the Business of Real Estate Development in Nigeria as is prevalent in other climes, the leadership of REDAN in 2013 discussed the need for the sector to be regulated. Based on this, in 2017, REDAN deliberated on the need to have the Business of Real Estate Regulated.

“While discussion was ongoing, the 8th Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria invited REDAN for a One-Day Public hearing on the “Proposed Bill for the Regulation and Development of Real Estate as Sponsored by Senator Peter Nwaoboshi (Delta State). At the hearing, the 5th Leadership of REDAN led by Surv. Rev. Ugochkwu Chime supported the Bill. Unfortunately, the Bill was not passed before the expiration of the 8th Assembly.

“The Leadership of the 6th REDAN EXCO led by Alh. Dr Aliyu Oroji Wamakko resolved to pursue the Bill and sent a propose Bill to both Chambers of the National Assembly on July 16, 2020. The 9th Senate of the Nigeria’s National Assembly on Wednesday November 17, 2021 passed the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Bill. A week later, the Senate President sent the Bill to the House of Representatives for Concurrence. The House of Representative read the Bill on the floor of the House on December 2, 2021 and was eventually passed on May 31, 2023 after due legislative processes.”

Dr. Wammako however give the premium times seven days to retract or provide evidence as alleged in their publication, hence the REDAN Will not hesitate to approach the court.

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