LaborHack is Empowering Skilled Construction Workers with Educational Loans and Migration Support to Canada

LaborHack, a pioneering platform in the blue-collar skills industry, is proud to announce the expansion of its Canadian Immigration Initiative, aimed at empowering skilled workers to advance their careers in Canada’s thriving construction sector.

With a focus on providing comprehensive support, LaborHack offers an array of enhanced programs tailored to meet the diverse needs of aspiring professionals.
The newly expanded programs encompass Carpentry & Renovation, Mechanical – CNC and Precision , Construction Engineering, Electromechanical Engineering, Heating, Refrigeration & AC, and more. Each program is designed to equip skilled workers with the expertise and resources needed to excel in their chosen field.

LaborHack ensures that every step of the journey is supported with expert-level assistance, including reduced wait times for school acceptances, streamlined visa processing, flight & insurance arrangements, and housing support.
Oare Ehiemua-Ochui, LaborHack’s CEO stated: “LaborHack envisions a future where skilled workers can showcase their talents internationally, enhancing their earning potential and expanding their horizons.

We strongly believe that enabling workers to acquire valuable education in Canada and subsequently join the Canadian workforce is one way this vision  can be actualized.”
According to recent projections by the Canadian government, it is estimated that about 700,000 skilled trades workers are expected to retire by 2028, creating a demand for 256,000  skilled workers. The median income for certified skilled workers in Canada is C$60,450, with powerline technicians and crane operators earning over C$100,000. LaborHack’s Canadian Immigration initiative will facilitate the entry of Nigerian construction workers into Canada’s dynamic construction industry through further education and will subsequently integrate them into the Canadian workforce upon completion of their studies.
To achieve this, LaborHack has partnered with Passage, a leading provider of education financing solutions, to offer flexible education loans that cover tuition, accommodation, and living expenses to African construction workers moving into Canada.

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