Justin Timberlake: Changes in music industry are ‘exciting’

Radical changes in the music industry such as online streaming are an exciting opportunity to “curate your own experience,” according to pop star Justin Timberlake. 

“I’ve been in the music industry and I’ve seen it change all the way from where it started – I think it’s exciting,” Timberlake told dpa. 

“What’s great about music today is you could put a playlist together even for 24 hours,” the musician said. “You can say, I’m going to get up and I’m going to go to the gym and … by the time you get to work you’re going to have all these different styles of music.”

“You can put your own playlist together and you can curate your own experience. I think that’s great,” Timberlake said.

“I also think that all of it is so accessible because of how everything is connected to some kind of genius algorithm that can lead you to something that’s like something you play but maybe you didn’t know,” the musician said.

“You get to discover a lot of new music in a lot easier way. So I think that’s exciting.”

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Timberlake, known for his songs like “Can’t stop the feeling,” recently produced the soundtrack for “Trolls World Tour,” an animated film in which he also has a voice role. 

The film was originally going to be released in German cinemas on Thursday but now, amid restrictions due to the novel coronavirus, can be streamed for a fee from platforms such as the Sky Store.

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