Jimmy Jatt, Praiz, Olu Maintain, Other Artistes Support Buhari… As Nigerians React

As the general election is approaching in 2015, Nigerian entertainners have begun their own race, with different caucuses already taking sides.
Let’s not forget the drama that surrounded the aftermath of the Presidential election of four years ago which produced President, Goodluck Jonathan.
We remeber that President Jonathan was massively supported by almost all the A-list entertainers in Nigeria. However, months into his reign, the country started witnessing continuous attacks from Boko Haram and suddenly, our entertainers restarted pointing accusing fingers at each other for voting in a president who wasn’t able to bring peace and order into the country, with few quoted as saying they “regretted voting” for him.
Now that another race has started, Nollywood as headed by the President of Actor Guild of Nigeria(AGN), Ibinabor Fiberesima has flung its whole weight behind President Jonathan again, while musical artistes seems to be for Buhari.
The likes of Olu Maintain, DJ Jimmy Jatt, Skales, Azadus, Praiz and others were hosted recently by Buhari’s supporters, Nasiru Danu and Sen. Mamora at Eko Hotel in Lagos to declare support for the ex-General’s Presidential campaign.
Obviously, Nigerian would have none of this again as there have been series of backlashes against this move by the artistes.
Just like Nollywood got lashes for getting involved with Jonathan, Nigerians have spoken again after sighting these artistes voicing out for Buari.
While some blasted the crop of acts filed up to support Buari, others simply said they were sure it was for the money. Read some reactions below:
Sandra said…
“Wat rubbish? I’m still not voting for any of them. Let d money choke them. I’m disappointed “ Henry said…
“What do you expect from a ****** party made up of ****** ppl….see the dead artist they invited….apart from DJ jimmy jatt, the careers of the rest are chilling 6ft…. guess these are the only ppl he could convince” Yemi said…
“The only artiste dat am really disappointed @ is praiz cos his album make small sense others are either failures or a has being. #buzz” oladiti said…
“Am very sure money is involve”.
As the negativity have started pouring out, one can’t blame the Yoruba sect of Nollywod for standing aloof.
As it has been rightly observed, the Yoruba arm of Nollywood hasn’t been actively involved in the Jonathan administration as they complained bitterly of being neglected in his policy. Even now, no arm of the Yoruba actors have been sighted taking any side… obviously, they want to play safe. Is that wisdom or stupidity? Be the judge.
But we wonder, now that the English speaking Nollywood is behind Jonathan, and the artistes are behind Buhari, what then happens after the winner is declared? Which way Nollywood.



*This was published in the Daily Times dated Tuesday, December 30, 2014

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