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It’s not easy being a single mum-Actress Uche Ogbodo

Talented Nollywood screen diva, Uche Ogbodo sure knows her onion in the filmmaking industry having made her impact known via her acting prowess. The light skinned actress who just turned 34 recently, spoke with MUTIAT ALLI on coping as a single mum of a beautiful damsel, her thoughts on colleagues who have gone under the knife, why she is open to love again amongst others.

How have you been coping since COVID-19?

Well I have been taking it one day at a time. Really this period has been a major eye opener for me, because I really thought the world was ending. It made me reminisce on a lot of things about life. But thank God it’s not really the End. Everything is gonna be alright. I am hopeful.

What would you say you have missed since the pandemic?

I missed hanging out with my friends. Going to nice places with my Kid, traveling for leisure etc. going to the Clubs too. Night life has been dead for long now, I am among the 1 percent who can’t wait for it to resurrect.

You have been an advocate for ‘body positivity’, how were able to sustain your weight during the lockdown?

It wasn’t easy maintaining Body Positive during lockdown because I couldn’t even work out at all. Not only because the gyms were closed but also because I lacked motivation to work out.

I was going through a lot at the time so keeping fit was the least of my worries. But all thanks to God, things are falling back in place now. So I am picking up my fitness.

You just turn 34 and glowing, what’s your beauty secret?

My secret is Grace and Hydration. I really I don’t know how I still glow with all the junks in my head.

Lots of celebrities have resolved to surgery as the new beauty, what’s your take?

I feel one should do what pleases them really. So long as you are happy with yourself. I am not against plastic surgery, what I am against is Women or Men who after going through the knife come out to say they are Fitfam gang!

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It’s so annoying because I know how hard it is for me and somebody positive Gym addicts to get back to shape or keep our figure banging. But then someone goes to have Surgery and comes out successful, next thing he claims is “I worked hard in the gym for my body “such Lies! Omg annoys the shit out of me.

Would you consider boobs or hips enhancement?

If at a time in my life I feel the need for it, I might consider because really I have nothing against Plastic Surgery. But for now I am well happy with my body.

Your baby girl would be craving for a sibling, when are you having another baby?

My baby will have a sibling Soon Enough I assure you. Watch out.

Tell us your experience as a single mother, the highs and well, the low?

The Highs are joyful moments spent together, discovering ourselves as she grows., the lows are when I have to cry in my bedroom alone praying to God to Save me from Stress because  I work too hard trying to provide all she will ever need all Alone. It’ is not easy but I am thankful for Grace.

If you have to counsel a heartbroken single mother right now, what are the most important things that she should know?

Know that with you, you have an everlasting Love in that Child in your arms. Love that is pure and true, that never lies nor disappoints. That will never betray nor Abandon you forever. So Cherish the Moment in time.

If you had the choice to play back your life, would you have made a different choice of relationships?

Yes I would have made lots of different choices. But in all, I am grateful for the lessons learnt.

What do you say to dating or marrying a colleague or someone in the entertainment industry and why?

If you find your love in the industry pls feel free to Nurture it. If I find love here, I will definitely nurture it. But I have never thought of it yet.

What does love mean to you now? Do you see love differently than you saw it some few years ago?

I am still a lover girl as I was few years ago. Just a little wiser and stronger.

How open are you to finding in love again? Is there anyone in the picture?

I am open to finding love, getting Married, having Kids. Sure whatever life brings

Do you have regrets? What are your biggest regrets?

No Regrets Dear, Only Lessons Learnt.

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