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It doesn’t make sense for Cows to be roaming the street in 2021 says Adamu Garba

Adamu Garba

Adamu Garba, Fulanis, the case of insecurity in the country along with the hot disagreement that has set in between the fulani herdsmen and the South Western part of the country seem to have put the country in a state of chaos, as this disagreement seem to increase the fear of a possible war outbreak pending on series of clashes that has been taking place lately.

We all knew about the recent development on ground and how the prominent Yoruba activist, Sunday Igboho, who now seem to be attaining a state of ‘godhood’ for the Yorubas, gave a 7 days ultimatum to all fulani herdsmen residing in Ibarapa area of Oyo state to vacate immediately.

This very mandate which was given by the activist has brought about a form of clash between his supporters and these herders after the Federal Government countered this ultimatum with strong disapproval that the fulanis’ are untouchables.

Apparently, pending on the stage at which the agitation is attaining and the heat of the looming war in the country about these fulani herdsmen, the former presidential aspirant Adamu Garba has come out to give his own suggestion towards the issue as he called on the Federal Government to take actions in settling this dispute.

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Shortly after he made the tweet, mixed reactions trailed regarding his bold suggestions as people reacted in disbelief and went ahead to praise him.

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