Islamic zealots and lessons of history

During the Cold War between the East and the West following the end of WWII, there existed, for good or ill, a semblance of a relatively stable world order. That stable world order, imposed by sheer force of arms by the USSR and USA required that the global Peace Corps dutifully patrolled their neighborhoods round the clock to maintain peace and order. And any budding insurrection, real or imagined, was swiftly and harshly brought down.
Such big power posture was hardly as surprise for students of international politics that, as they are keenly aware of, is an extension of domestic politics. The ensuing intense ideological rivalry coupled with acute competition between the two main global power blocs, meant that the big powers constantly kept an eagle eye on troubled spots in their own backyards nipping in the bud any internal challenges or suspected potentials thereof.
Those suspected of harbouring opposing views were taken out of circulation. For example, communist sympathisers were hunted down in the United States and silenced permanently. And even worse fate befell bourgeoise capitalist sympathisers in the Soviet Union, who were, in fact, eliminated summarily without trace. Besides, no other world view of any kind or description, was permitted to take hold in their respective domains.
The world was in virtual state of imprisonment locked up as it was in global ideological compartments and the keys thrown away. With the collapse of that world order, however, all hell broke loose, heralding the so-called pro-democracy movements, secessionists and separatists alike. So long as these were happening in Eastern Europe and former Soviet Republics, the West was grinning from ear to ear with mischievous smiles.
All of these happenings were not lost on Islamic radicals in the Muslim world who were sensing the end of their persecution and liberation from within. Seeing, therefore, that the world was fast unravelling it presented them with an historical opportunity.Islamic malcontents such as the Muslim Brotherhoods in Egypt, which had been brutally suppressed by leaders such as Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak and other despots, broke out like pent-up wall of water in a broken dam, giving birth to the scourge of what has since been transformed into militant Islam.
The Jihadists suddenly found a new lease of life to pursue their caliphate ambitions seemingly with no one to stop them as the world looks on helplessly and hopelessly with sterile platitudes.
Unfortunately, this Islamist break out is taking place at a time of seeming power vacuum in the West led by the United States. To put it somewhat charitably, the United States is AWOL under its current president preferring, as some have characterised it, to “lead from behind,” when it suits his own designs or agenda. The consequence is the rise and rise of Islamic Jihads, all because there is no strong man to police the world anymore since President George Bush Jnr. quit the stage accused of war mongering.
How could a strong national leader suffer such a cruel fate? Is there nothing to be said in favour of strong leadership, as was the case in the Reagan era? But it is regrettable and outrageous that the very leader who took on Islamic terrorism head on after his country was brutally attacked was to be demonised by his own people, thus creating a huge power vacuum now being filled by the violent Islamists. President Obama rode to power on the back of anti-Bush horse and most regrettably became his unworthy successor in the war on terror.
His so-called war against ISIS is a huge joke unworthy of even a mention. And after resisting calls to obtain formal war authorisation from Congress to deal with ISIS, and squandering the better part of a whole year, he’s now asking them to give him powers to fight ISIS! What has he been doing all this time with the world on fire? Playing golf, vacationing and rolling out executive orders for Mexican illegal immigrants at a time European leaders, such as David Cameroon, for example, are tightening up their borders and immigration laws to prevent Islamists from infiltrating their countries to cause mayhem?
How could he be suited for the times when he is, at heart, an essentially municipal leader who prefers to be distributing food stamps and serving breakfasts to kids in elementary schools. And how could he when he is more interested in same-sex marriage at home than global leadership? How could he when he’s more concerned with phony global warming obsession even in these historic bitter colds sweeping through the United States in subzero degrees?
How could he be suited for the times then when he’s busy distributing abortion pills for sexually active single mothers and young girls, and importing illegal aliens from Mexico who represent the base of the Democratic Party?

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