I’m tired of kissing people with horrible breathe on set – Actress Bibi Sonye

Bibi Sonye

By Orji Onyekwere

Beautiful actress Bibi Sonye, has vowed to take legal action against any movie producer who paired her with a partner that has bad breath. The actress stressed that it’s frustrating to end up kissing a partner who has just finished eating egusi soup and unable to clean his mouth before coming on set.

The actress voiced her anger via her Instagram page, as she noted that the industry needs high standard and so Nollywood practioners should rise up to the occasion.

She explained more, “Nigeria movie industry, we need to do better. If you’re going to give me a script and in that script you put a kissing scene and you know that you did not hire an actor with a fresh breath and you put that person in the same scene with me, I will sue your production.

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“I am tired of kissing people with horrible breath, let’s normalise not kissing in a romantic scene because what the hell is going on?

“Y’all would be eating your egusi soup or whatever and then you’d come straight to set without gargling, without using a mouth wash and you think it’s okay to put your mouth in my mouth? I quit! No.

“You men are collecting 1 million, two million or however much you’re collecting, no problem. Yet you can’t go to the dentist? You go from smoking your weed or cigars, all those things in your mouth and you think it’s okay to bring it on set?

“I’m calling out all the Nollywood producers, do the needful! Evaluate the mouths of those you bring to set to kiss others,” she concluded.

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