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I’m proud to be a Nigerian but more proud to be a Nigerian entertainer – Singer Annjay

Fast rising Nigerian singer cum beauty entrepreneur, Annjay Chioma in this interview with MUTIAT ALLI shares her success story, life as a female artiste and more.

What does life as a musician mean to you? What is your typical day like?

Life as a musician cum beauty entrepreneur has been quite challenging I must say. So far, I have produced a lot of songs and still doing more. I’m not going to quit music, I’ll keep it flowing because of the passion I have for it. My fans would hear me soon. I always find a way to strike a balance between my two worlds; Music and Business.

My typical day starts from home, to office then off to different business meetings. Sometimes, I wish 24 hours is not enough for a day, it should be extended to like 30 hours or more (laughs).

What gives you inspiration to do the things you do?

God and myself. My hard work inspires me a lot. Looking back to where I was coming, it inspires me to forge ahead and never be a failure.

Annjay Chioma

I like beauty products too and I can spend my last kobo on it. As a teenager back then, if I want to buy any beauty product and my money is not complete, I’ll go into installment agreements with them, after payment they hand over what I paid for to me. I use quality expensive beauty products on myself and that’s why we sell good things.

What were some of the challenges encountered on the job?

So far, it’s been good and challenging but we give praise to God for everything. These days music or modeling can’t pay all the bills. That’s one of the major reasons; I do other businesses by the side.

On the business aspect, my major challenge is bad roads, because we do more high demand supplies across the 36 states of Nigeria. Then, a dollar exchange rate, custom duties is another big issue the government should look into.

How did you cope with them?

I just try not to let them weigh me down. I have a vision and mission, they keep me up tight. If it gets so tough, I present it to God on bended knees.

Tell us about your career. What was the turning point for you?

My music career has been a slow but steady journey. I’m not done with music yet but I’m taking my time to do things right. I’m not in a rush to release unpleasant songs. My fans should expect more cool sounds and good music from me, so I’m yet to experience that banging turning point.

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For my business, my turning point would be when my Abuja outlet was opened for business.

I derive maximum satisfaction in providing quality products for all fashion lovers home and abroad. That’s why I decided to extend my brands and services to her Abuja fans.

We are growing daily, so most definitely, the need for more branches would arise. So, we are looking at Port- Harcourt, Asaba and the likes.

Let’s compare when you started and now, what has changed?

I’m proud to be a Nigerian but more proud to be a Nigerian entertainer. We are going global; from Beyonce featuring our artists in her album, to other countless international collaboration.

Burna Boy just got Grammy awards nomination. We are getting there. I love the vibe. It is very impressing.

What are some of the changes that you would like to see in the entertainment sector?

It is so sad that majority of Nigerian love wack songs, but with good beats. They don’t care what the musician is singing, as soon as it’s a danceable beat.

So, if you’re doing good songs, Nigerians wouldn’t look your way, unless you join the trend to sing unpleasant and moral deficient lyrics. However, we need more ever green songs like that of Tuface Idibia, Sound Sultan, Onyeka Onwenu and the likes.

If you had to advise young people, what would you tell them?

Be you. You have all it takes to excel. Don’t be bamboozled by what you see on social media, not all that glitters are gold.

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