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Why I want to be a Captain-Billionaire-Miracle, BBN 2018 winner

With the passion to set standard for himself and further empower others via his planned Agricultural Business, Miracle Ikechukwu Igbokwe winner of the 2018 edition of the Big Brother Naija ‘ Double Wahala’ season is sure smiling to the bank now having won the converted N25M cash and other exciting prizes . The Imo state superstar is a trained Pilot and fitness model is ready to make an impact in not just his state alone but the country at large; Miracle was recently appointed as the Youth Ambassador by the Imo State Governor. In this chat with MUTIAT ALLI, Miracle tells us his journey into the Big Brother Naija House, Winning, relationship with Nina and why is bent on becoming a captain-billionaire.

How do you feel about this?
I feel happy. I feel great. Of course, who won’t feel happy? I won 45 million – 25M Cash and 20M worth of prizes and I have a car. So, it actually a privilege and I feel great because this is like a kick-start for my main goal to becoming a billionaire we have been talking about. I am really excited.

So, did you see this coming?
To be honest with you, I didn’t see it coming. You all know in the house, you don’t have the idea of what is happening outside and that is why if you notice anytime I am up for eviction, I am always tense because you never can tell what could happen. I was always nervous because I have no idea of it coming.

Let me even burst you guys bubble. I was given a captain outfit on the last day. I knew and it was obvious because I won Payporte games.

So I felt, if you win the Payporte game; there is no how you won’t win these prizes. At the end of that day, it was Cee-C and I remaining on the stage.

It was at that point I knew that she was very strong because she was always saved in all eviction and she is always coming back.

So it’s only natural for you to feel that she was very strong and anything could happen. When I heard my name as the winner, I was so surprised and I fell on the floor because I did not see that coming.

At that point the only thing I had in my head was the 25Million. Every other prize I did not know until much later when Nina and Tobi told me about the car and other gifts.

Three weeks into the game, you were still trying to find yourself in the house. Was that part of the strategy or that was the real miracle?
People keep talking about strategy; Trust me! I had no strategy. The First day of Audition, I never knew I would make it with the amount of crowd I saw.

If it was by fine boy, I no reach. If it’s by being tall and all that, i no reach all these things. Then again, I was selected.

Before I even went for the Audition I said to myself that whatever questions that would be asked, I would just be myself. Then they picked me for being me.

And I was like; if I go for this game I would keep being me. No strategy attached with it. Then again, I am a kind of person that likes to observe wherever I find myself.

I used to take my time. That’s right why now, I don’t even have a manager yet. I am still trying to put up a team. I am taking my time..

So, getting into the house, the first thing is Miracle observed because I needed to know the kind of people I am living with. It was just all of observation.

I have never met a Captain-Billionaire before; how then do you intend to achieve this?
Now, I will tell you about captain Nosan. You have heard about it? He is one of my role models. I always know I have three stages. The stage one which is the main one is flying.

Before I went to Big brother house, I did my PPL training. But I was having funds issue and that was why I came to Big brother house as against my PPL training.

But God has blessed me right now and I am sure a lot of people knew my dreams of becoming a pilot and that is one of the reasons most people voted for me because they wanted to help me achieve the dream.

Now, they have helped me achieved the dream and God has blessed me. Obviously, I will go for my CPL training that’s for the passion for miracle.

Now, the second stage is me becoming a billionaire and how is this possible? Most people say it is not being realistic. Someone did it so I can do it. That Nosan was a pilot if you can research about him.

In fact, he has the same story like I do. So, I look up to him as my mentor. So, that is the second stage. Another Person I look up to in terms of achieving my Agricultural zeal is Aliko Dangote because these are people I want to gain from their wealth of knowledge and in building that billionaire dream of mine; I just have to meet with Dangote.

You sure showed your painting skills on the Big Brother wall while in the house; is it an aspect you also want to explore?
That is the entertainment part of me but that is for the fun. Let me tell you- win or no win, the house will teach you a lot of things and further bring out your skills.

Painting was what I did while I was younger and left it but Big brother brought that out again. So many things I discovered about myself in the house including modelling because most times my fellow housemate commend my outfits and physique.

As a Pilot, what informed your decision to go into the Big Brother House?
One thing with me is that I don’t do things I don’t have passion for or love for. Like I said earlier on, I just finished my PPL training and I was also into entertainment even before the house, I went for Most Island that was also a reality TV show.

So, I do all these things just by the side because I wasn’t rich. Initially I wasn’t a fan of the Big Brother Naija Show until I watched the last season and I said to myself that it can be this interesting because most times I pass through, I see people sitting down, doing nothing.

Then again, I saw the last season and I saw that the Payporte activities are usually fun. Then again; it was my sister that actually told me that “Miracle, I think you can actually do this.

And I looked at it again and said to myself that if I can emerge the winner; my CPL training is taken care of. And that if I did not emerge the winner, the platform would make me meet people I wouldn’t have met on a normal day like my Governor now, Governor Rochas Okorocha.

You have just been made an Ambassador of Imo State. How do you feel?
I hear am. I am very humble

As part of your winning the competition comes an all expense paid trip to Dubai; in one of your radio rounds you did mention to pick either of your mum or Nina on the trip?
As you all know, it is obvious that Nina and I bonded in the house firstly because we met at the Audition and its being natural you go with the face you are familiar with.

Apart from all this if I won’t be going with my Mum, it will be Nina or Tobi.

What is the status of your relationship with Nina now that you are both out of the house?
From my end, I won’t speak on her behalf. Like I always said, nothing changes from my side and the kind of relationship we have still continues.

Like I said, I don’t like forcing things as I like things to happen naturally. You know this grace that God has given us has a validity period.

It is something that if you don’t make good use of it right now, you will lose it. And Nina and I are still very young. Like I was telling her while we came back that this is the right time we make good use of this God given opportunity and let’s try and put more money in the bank. We will just be focus right now.

Has the mention of Collins ever unsettled you for whatever reason during conversations with Nina?
First of all, since I came back, I just took over my social media accounts. I just choose not to go into social media for a while because there will be positivity and negativity.

So I don’t want to see things that would bring me down or draw me back. So, the first time I heard about Collins was in the house and it was only natural for you to feel somehow.

But then again, Nina told me something that before she came into the house that she had a discussion with Collins that she was going to Big Brother Naija show and he should expect anything.

So, that was it. Now, we are out and people are saying things about that. It’s her decision. I can never fight because of a lady. You know my intention towards you; you have the right to make your decision. The only time I will fight for a woman is only if he is imposing himself on the lady.

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