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Nollywood Actor, Producer cum Director, Desmond Olusola Elliot, needs little or no introduction as he has carved a niche for himself in the entertainment industry with several hit movies and soaps to boast of.
A graduate of Economics from Lagos State University, Elliot, who recently delved into politics, has won both local and international awards.
In this chat with MUTIAT ALLI, he divulged why he ventured into politics, work, family and sundry issues.


You are married with four beautiful children. How have you managed to handle travelling, work and your family at the same time?
Well it’s a two-way thing that I can’t handle alone except with the help, love, blessing and understanding of my spouse. My wife has been more than unbelievable because at some points you ask yourself ‘how am I going to tell my wife that I have to travel again’ – sometimes I find myself waiting till the last minute to gesture it or you try to down play it in your head; you think of a trip and say ‘oh I’m going to South Africa but before that I have to stop in London first and on the way back I need to have a meeting at so and so place’. I so much cherish my family and as such my work does not make me in any way neglect my beloved families.


Now that you are into politics; how do you intend to balance it up with the home front?
First, I have a very understanding wife who knows everything about my schedules and movements. So catering for the home front will not be an issue for me as I have always done my duties even while acting and directing. I know how to balance the two because I love my family so much; most especially my kids.


Why did you suddenly go into politics?
(Laugh) Politics has always been a part of me and by that, I did not suddenly go into it. The time then I guess was not right, but now, I have everything in place. I’ve been involved in campaigns for some governors and even the President. I’ve been on the campaign train for very long. Even though I have never sought any elective office before, I have always had it at the back of my mind as something I would do one day.


How has life been since you went into politics?
It’s been good. It has exposed me more and the fact that I have always thought of giving back to the society; it has made me understand so many things about the people out there — they are asking for something that can symbolise a change in their lifestyles and that is the more reason why I am out to make a change. I have always looked up to the Executive Governor of Lagos State; Mr. Babatunde Fashola, because of his commitment and doggedness and I believe with them; I am on the right track.


What should the people in your constituency expect from you if you finally emerge in the coming election?
They should expect a lot from me. I am very vibrant and I am a problemsolver. People that know me can attest to the fact that when I have my eyes on doing something, I go for it and I will eventually record success. I know through me a lot will be achieved because of my articulated experience. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed till then.


Your fans are of the opinion that you might be dropping acting for politics full-time. What is your stand?
I can never leave Nollywood. I am only going to help in propagating and promoting laws that would help to structure the industry and make it better and improve it from the present situation it is in. They will definitely feel my impact.


Some people believe there’s no difference between acting and politics..?
(Cuts in) There’s a huge difference. Politics is a game, acting is more real. Politics is a game because you’re dealing with people. It’s a game of life. Acting deals with a way of life but they are distinct in their ways and in their approaches These days we get to see more actors delve into movie production.


What is your take on this?
Personally, I believe it takes extra effort to want to combine acting with producing. It’s really good to step up your game as well but they must put it at the back of their minds that they just have to make them match up together. I believe it is a good idea that actors are coming in as producers too because they get to value the producer who handles their jobs better.


When you’re not working, what do you do?
I’m just at home, as I’m mostly filming or travelling it’s an opportunity for me to just chill and be with my family.


Desmond Elliot

Desmond Elliot

What will you say actually shot you into limelight?
Most definitely, it will be the Soap Operas that I did with the likes of Everyday people, Saint and Sinners, Super Story and the host of others because at the time when I started acting, I thought I needed the experience and exposure for people to actually know me and the soaps really helped before moving into films.


These days we have seen you direct Yoruba movies with actress Dayo Amusa and Iyabo Ojo; what actually prompted that?
I believe they saw some of the films I directed and as such, they considered me the perfect man for their job under the Amzadol Production and Fespris Production. I am also happy I directed “Unforgivable” and “Silence“. When ‘Unforgivable’ was released in the cinemas, it was a total turn-out of fans and ‘Silence’ is also doing very fine in the cinemas presently. I love their spirit towards projecting their culture for international standard of film production.


With which of the Nollywood actors and actresses would you say you get along the most?
I get along with everybody because I don’t have enemies. I loved working with Uche Jumbo because she is a very good friend and a sister from another mother that I move along well with. Then Ini Edo, although we fight a lot but we are still very close. Genevieve Nnaji, Monalisa Chinda and a host of others. For the guys, most definitely Ramsey Noah, my closest and craziest pal.


Do you plan on having more kids?
Definitely, I want to have a big family, like seven but not now. It will happen when my wife is more rested and the kids are grown more. I love kids so yes, definitely, we’ll have more.

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