I started bleaching my skin because of Mide Martins – Habitat Jinadu

Popular actress, Habibat Jinadu said she was forced to start bleaching her skin after a senior colleague and wife of movie producer Afeez Owo, Mide Martins taunted and said hurtful things to her on the set of her husband’s movie.

Recounting the embarrassing situation, Jinadu who spoke on Biola Bayo show tagged ‘Talk to B’ said she was insulted by Martin’s because of her skin colour.

According to her, they were on the set of Afeez Owo’s movie, when one of their colleagues did something wrong, and she was one of those penalized for it.

Mide used her skin colour to talk down on her in front of everyone noting that her face was as dark as that of a monkey. The statement she said, really offended her and she thought over bleaching for a while before she made up her mind in 2012 to start bleaching.

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Her words: “At a rehearsal ground at Afeez Owo’s set, something happened, a colleague of mine did something and I wasn’t the one who did that thing and they said we should kneel. Mrs. Mide Martins was there, my boss was there and some other people and Mide Martins compared it to a monkey’s skin. And it got to me. She even complained about my skin, saying I was too dark and this made me contemplate bleaching my skin to please her and others”.

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