I have no regret becoming an entrepreneur- Billion$baby


Entrepreneurship, it is said, is not for the fainthearted, but it is an odyssey that those who have the courage to embark on it hardly regret, claimed Nwaubani, Ebube Clinton, popularly known as Billion$baby.

Aside from being an influencer on social media, Billion$baby founded a thriving online clothing brand, BDB Luxury. Presently, he is waxing lyrical about expanding his fledgling business into a dynasty.
Sounding upbeat, Billion$baby recently avowed: “I can see myself becoming a big player in the economic space and breaking new frontiers.”

A notable crypto holder, Billion$baby, who attended Noble’s Montessori School and Noble’s Academy, Port Harcourt, is still an undergraduate but has made his mark as a businessman.

Said he: “When people ask me the most memorable moment of my life so far, I always tell them without hesitation, it was when I first launched my lifestyle Brand, BDB. And as for the most important decision I have taken in my life thus far, it was the decision to start my brand as a sole proprietor.”

According to him, while businesses have chances of failing, it is nevertheless a learning process when an entrepreneur fails in his venture. “As they say, you would be then have discovered a way of how not to conduct that business,” he said.
Speaking further, he avowed: “There is hardly any iconic businessperson who does not have a story of having failed at one point or the other. It is only the rosy stories that made the news.”

On the gains of entrepreneurship, he draws from his experience, saying: “At my age, I can claim to have a degree of self-reliance. And besides the profits I made from business, being an entrepreneur has helped me to grow into someone who can take independent decisions without fear.”

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