How members of Ado community in Nasarawa state mobbed a mother of two who was engaged in Bisexual activity


On December 4, 2023 an incident happened in the Ado community of Nasarawa State, Nigeria where a mob were seen beating up a lady to a point of death.

At the time of this report, the lady whose house was used to commit the Bisexual activity is a mother of two (2) and her boyfriend who is the father of the two (2) children is said to be a legal practitioner in the nation’s capital Abuja.

The incident happened in Ado, at a suburb area of Karu Local Government in Nasarawa State and one of the women involved was said to have escaped because report has it that she came with a vehicle, and when the neighbours were screaming, she quickly jumped out through the kitchen door to her car and zoomed off.

However, the mob attacked the partner who is the mother of two (2) children and she has been said to be rushed down to an unknown destination.

From our findings, the lady involved is known as Hannah Folashade James and at the point of this report, the name of her sexual partner is currently unknown.

Our findings further revealed that Hannah Folashade James invited her sexual partner to her brother’s house and during their sexual escapades, the neighbours who saw them entered the room together started hearing loud moans in the compound.

It was further confirmed that the neighbours saw the two parties engaging in sexual activities through the window and the neighbours immediately ran to the main entrance to force their way into the house, so they can apprehend the two women but the sexual partner of Hannah Folashade James ran to her car through the back door in the kitchen and escaped.

However, Hannah Folashade James was caught and mercilessly beaten naked. it was the presence of her brother whom she was staying with in Ado Community, Nasarawa State that saved the day, else the lady involved would have been lynched to death by the angry mob.

Our correspondent also confirmed that the Police have been contacted and they are in search of the offenders so that they would be vehemently prosecuted in order to deter other members of their group, because our Nigeria is strongly against same-sex relationship.

Other sources confirmed to our reporter that the boyfriend and the father of the two (2) children who is a practicing lawyer in Abuja seems to have been aware of this her bi-sexual relationship act before now but appears indifferent.

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He seems not to be surprised and bothered, but was using every means to protect his girlfriend. Rumour has it that the woman has been fled outside Nasarawa state and location cannot be ascertained.

The Police authority was also contacted for their own side of the story and they confirmed to us that a report has been made by a concerned Nigerian in the state, but they are currently carrying out their investigation and also promised to jail the suspects involved. The boyfriend of Hannah Folashade James, Barr. Tunde was also contacted but he refused to comment on the issue.

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