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How I upgrade my skills as a serial entrepreneur – Obaego, Teczo Real Estate CEO

No doubt that Nigerian business environment is tough, especially for small and medium scale businesses, for real estate businessman Ejiobi Charles Chibuike better known as Obaego tough as it may be, there are a valuable learning curve to young entrepreneurs.

Teczo Real Estate CEO clearly stated, “I vehemently accept the fact that Nigerian business environment is highly competitive but in my opinion, that should be welcome to any genuine entrepreneur.”

He said further: “As an entrepreneur, I believe you must develop business ideas which differ from that of your competitors. This is what I call the innovative mindset. And that is what any business owner that is succeeding in Nigeria must be doing right. I upgrade my skills by attending some online Seminars, learning from experts and from my mentors.”

Obaego further disclosed that when he decided in June 2019 to become an entrepreneur, he was driven by the desire to seek new challenges. Entrepreneurship, he asserted, has given him a new and wholesome experience that leaves no room for misgivings.

The real estate developer who claimed that he derived his business philosophy from the muses of Jack Ma, the Chinese business magnate and co-founder of Alibaba.com, further stated that the aspect of entrepreneurship that he enjoys most, “the keen competitive nature of business with the pressure of striving to succeed which enables me to work harder. I also ensure that I follow the passion of my intentions, create innovative ideas, the expectations of failures and the ability to survive the failure,” he said.
He added: “My initial challenges as a businessman have to do with economic instability, and I overcame by seeking professional supports.”

Obaego, who also founded Teczo Autos, emphasized the importance of avoiding sharp business practices. “It is not by chance that I have been able to found three different types of business; it is because of my disposition to take on challenges. In the process, new vistas of opportunities open before me.”

He further added: “So far my best moment as an entrepreneur has to do with accomplishing a task which was competitive in nature and it was worth it.”

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