Hon. Mpakaboari Launches Domestic Violence & Child Abuse Support initiative


Business magnate and philanthropist, Ambassador Mpakaboari LongJohn, has launched a domestic violence and child abuse initiative whose focus is to provide support, shelter and safe space for people who have suffered domestic violence and/or abuse especially men who are often overlooked, and children.

According to Rivers-born business tycoon, the initiative was founded out of the need to empower and provide support to the victims of these abusive practices and also to encourage them to speak up and speak out about these and other social issues so others will know they are not alone. The founder of the Mpakaboari Longjohn Foundation (MLJ Foundation) said the initiative will also tackle social issues like online bullying, trolling and child labour.

“The support we can give each other is to look out for each other, that was the primary goal of setting this up. We must protect our children from all abuses especially, our female children, but I also want to expand our overall objective and target.

“I am doing this through the MLJ foundation, but i have also reached out to some of my friends and corporate partners to collaborate with us by offering material, human or financial support to help fund and expand the initiative,” Mpakaboari said.

Ambassador Mpakaboari LongJohn, who is also the president and founder of MLJ marine, oil and gas, has been widely recognised for his humanitarian works and charitable assistance to several communities in his hometown and to many individuals in Kalabari land, and Nigeria at large.

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