HIV/AIDS CURE: Group tasks FG to support Professor Ben Amodu fpsnn,fcam


A group, Forward Ever Initiative, has implored the Federal Government to partner with the Professor Ben Amodu of the African Alternative Medicines Hospital worldwide, to solidify the cure of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immunodeficiency Diseases (AIDS) and other diseases which his alternative medicine cure.

Amodu, Professor of phytomedicine a researcher in phytho-medicine, had announced to the world that he had found a cure for HIV and AIDS

The former Director, Institute of Natural Medicine, University of Abuja, had said: “Our claims were subjected to a number of parameters. Before now, we have been treating and curing HIV/AIDS and I make it bold to say so because this is what can be verified. In other parts of the world, when they have discovery, they come out to say it but when one comes to Nigeria, they tell you not to talk. Why? For something I have done and I know I’ve gotten it, why would I not speak?

“So now, with the proof I have, which is all on social media in the last six months, we now felt it is the right time that we should report it to Nigerians.”

The Coordinator of CSO Forward Ever Initiative, Comrade Bello Emmanuel, in a statement, said proclamation should not be swept under the carpet, but should be encouraged and supported.

“Testimonies are abound everywhere of people who have testified to the efficacy of Professor Ben Amodu’s drugs in curing HIV and AIDS.

“The government should support him. Africa of Nigeria should not only be known for something bad. This is a worthy initiative that will thrust us in a good light. Aside that it will reduce the rate of mortality as a result of HIV and AIDS. Government should subsidise the health sector by making the drugs available through Prof. Ben Amodu.

“As CSO we have made findings and discovered that Professor Ben Amodu fpsnn fcam and his research team have attended World HIV/AID Conference in New York 15 years ago base on their research on HIV against NACA approval

“Today the research has healed so many of communicable and non communicable diseases.”

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