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If there’s one thing I want you to take away from this piece, it is the fact that coaching does work. And if there’s one area where it’s urgently needed, it’s in the area of personal finance. As a matter of fact, coaching can make all the differ­ence between success and failure and between win­ning and losing. Tens of millions of people don’t know coaching isn’t ex­clusively limited to sports, otherwise we won’t have millions living below the poverty line. Until a few years ago, I was one of those who thought coach­ing was a sporting thing. I never knew it wasn’t limited there. But after discovering the correla­tion it has to success and failure, it didn’t take me more than a few seconds to embrace the fact that it is a necessity for my finan­cial well-being.


I have personal finance and success coaches. This is simply because I want to get the best possible re­sults in those two areas. As a matter of fact, one of the best kept secrets is that top performers and those making waves in the world use personal coaches to turn their lives and careers around. Barack Obama had some­one to coach him on pub­lic speaking before win­ning his first term as U. S. President. Of course, he wasn’t a stammerer and neither was he doing badly in his public speak­ing prior to that. He must have been told he needed some safe hands to guide him speak his way to the White House. Having a coach who tutored him in that art surely con­tributed to his journey from Illinois to his pres­ent position. We certainly wouldn’t have heard of tennis superstars, Serena and Venus Williams had it not been for their coaches – their parents.


Did you know that the difference between a street footballer and one plying his trade in the Premier League is not necessarily talent, but coaching. You see, winners hire coaches who then equip them to earn top dollars, but losers take barbershop advice from every Dick , Tom and Harry and wonder why they’re not making money and succeeding .


You can’t take personal finance advice from your bricklayer uncle or even your lawyer father. They may not be doing well or equipped for the job you want them to do. The fact that they want you to do well financially doesn’t mean they know how mon­ey works and how to create it.


There’re are enormous benefits in hiring a coach or coaches, so get one and experience the difference for yourself. Whether you’re an actor , singer or even a public speaker, there’re coaches in those vocations and if you’re diligent enough to find one and stick with their plan for you, the results will speak volumes. I was listening to a speaker in Central London almost a year ago and goodness me, It was so glaring this boring Abuja -based Nige­rian politician urgently needed the services of a public speaking coach. There was no fire or pas­sion in his speech. If I were to help him, I would have advised him to get a video recording of his speeches and then give same to a prospective coach. Listening to that politician was one of the most endurance tests you could ever take on a Sun­day afternoon.


Whatever the area , a coach should help identify your strengths and weak­nesses and then come up with a programme for getting better results. Whether it’s in dating or vocal training, coaches are available , so find one and pay them so that you get get paid the more. In fact, you can even get job interview coaches these days.


British number 1 ten­nis player, Andy Murray had been in a couple of Grand Slam finals and always ended up with the runner -up trophy until he hired Ivan Lendl , who then masterminded his two Grand Slam wins. But take note, Murray had made four unsuccessful attempts at becoming a. Grand. Slam winner until he hired LendI. As men­tioned earlier, perhaps the Presidency of the United States of America would have slipped out of Barack Obama’s hands without the services of a public speaking coach. Coaching works , even on musical talent shows like the X Factor and Nigerian Idol. You must have seen how coaches on those shows have taken timid wan­nabes and transformed them into superstars in a matter of weeks. You too can go from merely get­ting by to creating wealth through the services of a personal finance coach .


I’m going to be drawing loads of inferences from sports, as one of the basics of teaching is going from known to the unknown. If you can grasp how the concept of coaching work in sports and how it trans­forms “also rans “ to win­ners, then you’ll realise why you need one for your personal finance.


Double Olympic gold medalist , Mo Farah was an “also ran “ long dis­tance runner until he hired the American coach who transformed him to an immortal athlete. Farah was concerned and worried that he was be­coming a serial loser, so he sought help . And af­ter finding one, the coach told him why he was num­bered among the “also rans.” The coach watched his races’ tapes and knew what was lacking. He told Mo what needed to be done differently . Farah followed the programme designed for him and it has made all the differ­ence. Because of coach­ing, Mo Farah became a name in Olympics and British sporting history. That’s what coaching is all about. Who says you can’t be transformed from job seeker to philanthropist ?

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