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Halima Dehinde-Fernandez Regains Groove

Ajibade Alabi

Baroness Halima Fernandez, widow of the late Belgium based international businessman, Ambassador Anthonio Oladiende Fernandez, has moved on with her life few years after the demise of husband. Halima, who was based in Belgium for several years, only returned last year July to Kano, her country home almost a year after the burial of her billionaire hubby. From all indications, the Fulani born beauty has got herself together and smiling again.

The late Fernandez had a loud marriage with Halima, who hails from the Maude family in Kano. Further checks confirmed that the lovebirds were introduced to each other by the late Emir of Kano, Alhaji Ado Bayero, who was said to be Fernandez’s good friend. It was Emir who also turbaned Fernandez as the Garsan Fulani Kano, a title that translates as the champion of the right of the Fulani people of Kano. “Our marriage is a part of me that I cherish.

That we were married shouldn’t be in contention because it was a popular marriage in Kano with documentation, and important dignitaries were present”, said Baroness Halima after the burial of her late husband in Belgium







Ajibade Alabi


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