Haiti’s current constitution: Werley Nortreus’s petition asks Government to amend it


The founder, and top leader of a Haitian political party and movement called Jeunes Dirigeants Haïtiens Progressistes, started an online petition that is currently asking the Haitian Government to amend the current Haitian constitution.

There are presently two versions of the petition. An English and French version is available for anyone who encourages the idea.

Werley Nortreus is actually the first politician in History who came up and proposed the idea of a new constitution or amendments that also includes the youths in the Executive, Legislative (Senate), and Judicial (chosen by choice) if possible. If the idea is approved, youths will be able to run for high offices in future general elections just like older politicians.

Some people in Haiti and Africa have already signed. They said the Caribbean’s country actually needs a constitution that ensures that all of its citizens have equal access to opportunities.

Candidates who are 25 years of age and older should be able to go to elections and run for the Executive, Legislative (Senate), and Judicial branches of Government (by choice), according to Nortreus and others.

Some Haitians said after many years, the old constitution’s results had little impact on the nation and its youths. Consequently, many believe that changing the current Constitution is worthwhile.

A new constitution was first proposed by the former Haitian President and other leaders in 2020, but it was postponed a year after because of a heavy COVID caseload. Some other leaders said the proposed constitution of the former president needs to be amended.

Nortreus himself said a new constitution or new modifications must make it possible for candidates who are at least 25 years of age and above to run for the Executive, Legislative (Senate), and Judicial positions (chosen by choice) as well as older candidates.

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Candidates under the age of 35 must have the same opportunity to run in future general elections and be elected in one of the three branches of Government of their choice when Government amends and enacts the new constitution that he proposed.

The new amendments also make numerous other recommendations for the country that will enhance the quality of life for all of its residents.

Nortreus, who is a Haitian politician and other fields started the online petition in 2022 in favor of a new constitution or amendments that also include youths. He is among Haitian leaders working to improve the condition in the nation. After many years of hardship, it’s a chance for a brand-new Haiti, where everyone will be included. He believes everyone deserves equal opportunities and a better life.

Most notably his home country of Haiti, a heavily exploited Caribbean country that has become the poorest country in the world.

The rising politician Nortreus, who is the creator of the petition is also the writer and author of many quotes, including political quotes on Haiti and others. “Haiti needs young educated people with strong leadership skills to take over and lead the country in the right direction”, Nortreus wrote on leadership and Haiti.

“The only way to have a new Haiti is to establish a new constitution that gives candidates who are 25 years old and older the right to run for a position among the three branches of the government according to their choice. A new constitution where everyone is included is the only way Haitians will be able to change the miserable situation that Haiti is in because of its old constitution”, Nortreus said about why he created the petition.

If anyone wants to sign the petition to get the suggested new constitution or amendments into effect. It’s available on and

Nortreus also told the press that the country must remain focused on constitutional reform, national security, and free elections that also include new and younger candidates as well as older politicians.

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