Gulder Ultimate Search 12 Fake Contestant Eviction

Gulder Ultimate Search

After the tasking day that the Gulder Ultimate Search Contestants had to overcome, they met at the talking drum to decide the fate of the losing team – Clan Irin.

The three clans had their first task, the slippery slope, where Clan Iroko came first, then Clan Amo. Sadly, Clan Irin came last, and all six members – Mikel, Damilola, Chidimma, Ishmael, Omokhafe and Godswill, were at risk of going home.

The taskmaster, Kunle Remi, inquired from the team why they failed, and Chidmma suggested that the male-female ratio of their team left them with less manpower to help them complete the task. To that, Kunle said, “what a man can do, a woman can do better”, citing that having fewer men was not an excuse for them to lose.

At the place of the talking drum, there is a black calabash filled with black stones and one white stone. Whoever picks the white stone goes home. One after the other, Clan Irin members blindly picked stones from the pot. In the order they took

As fate would have it, they all had black stones when the clan members revealed their stones. The council of elders had decided to give them another chance to prove their worth as warriors worthy of becoming the ultimate craftsman. All the clans went back to the camp with joy in their hearts to prepare for another day

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