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Charles Onyekwere, Enugu

The Biafra Zionists Federation (BZF), on Monday, blasted former military Head of state, Gen. Yakubu Gowon, (rtd) over his claims that lies told by ex-Biafra warlord, Late Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, caused the Nigeria civil war.

The Zionists said in a statement by it self-acclaimed President, Onwuka Nsiegbe, that it was shameful for Gowon to engage in such a “high calibre twisting of history even at his old age.”

While chiding Gowon for going to Aburi unprepared, Onwuka wondered why Gowon is “coming now to tell us what happened during the civil war? Why didn’t he make these declarations when Ojukwu was alive; why did he wait until eight years of Ojukwu’s demise, he now came to say Ojukwu lied; why now?”

He challenged Gowon “to produce the Aburi Accord for the world to see; let him produce the one he claims to be the genuine Accord; we challenge him; “Gowon is to be blamed for the crisis in Nigeria from 1967 till date; he caused the whole crisis. He could not control the killing of the Easterners as the then head of State.

“The Aburi Accord would have sorted out all these Nigeria’s problems. The Biafrans came up with a model; a Swiss confederation model; the East, led by Ojukwu went prepared; Gowon went there empty; he came up with nothing.
“Now, having agreed and signed the accord, ‎it was expected that Gowon would come back and make announcement; he refused to make announcement; what happened?

“The British government reached out to him and warned him not to implement the Aburi Accord; he was never sick. He was afraid that the Igbos would would control the oil. There was pressure on Ojukwu to tell the people what was agreed in Aburi. Gowon reneged on the Aburi Accord on the advice of British government.

“If he were sick, what of his Vice, what of his foreign minister, what of his information minister? So, he deliberately went incommunicado. That was the genesis of the crisis.”
‎Onwuka added that “in further defiance to the Aburi Accord, this same Gowon then created 12 states; the British government advised him to create 12 States instead of implementing the Aburi Accord. The East rejected it and that was the beginning of the full-blown crisis.

“Ojukwu never envisaged secession; the Eastern region never envisaged secession; it was Gowon’s refusal to implement the Aburi Accord and his subsequent creation of 12 states that caused all these problems which are still lingering till date.

“Gowon is a liar; he is a deceiver; the father of all liars; Gowon is the cause of the civil war; he is the cause of all the problems facing Nigeria today.

“He brought this up now in order to weaken Biafra agitation; he is doing this to destabilize what we are doing about Biafra’s independence, without knowing that he succeeded then because of international support from the United Kingdom. Biafra had none.

“Ojukwu’s only mistake was not accepting offer from Russia. It was a diplomatic blunder; a diplomatic deficiency; failure to understand international politics. That is why we are saying that only the United States can help us get Biafra, not what the IPOB is doing.

“We are calling on Biafrans, come and join the Zionists, we are the only group following the needed international diplomatic process to achieve our independence.

“He is already paying for his sins. Look at herdsmen massacring his people in Kogi, Nasarawa, Benue, Taraba, Kwara and the rest. These are the people he used to fight the Igbos. It is a same on both Danjuma and Gowon.”

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