Gov. Oborevwori’s public service , milestone , transformative leadership says Delta HOS

Governor Sheriff Oborevwori

By Nosa Akenzua

The civil service remains a critical instrument for designing, implementing, and promoting good governance. Therefore, a modern civil service must strategically drive transformative reforms across sectors. In recognition of this, Governor Sheriff Oborevwori has strategically repositioned Delta State’s public service to ensure efficient and effective delivery.

Governor Oborevwori’s tenure has been marked by strategic reforms aimed at enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the Civil Service.

Before the 2023 elections, Governor Oborevwori engaged in extensive dialogue with civil servants, acknowledging their role as the administrative machinery for government policies and programs. He listened to their concerns and committed to addressing outstanding promotion arrears if elected. True to his word, and in a swift response to the demands of civil servants, within weeks of taking office, he expedited the disbursement of over ₦5.5 billion to 23,887 public servants and 362 retirees, demonstrating his commitment to recognizing their hard work.

Amid the economic challenges posed by the removal of the fuel subsidy, Governor Oborevwori approved a monthly ex-gratia allowance of ₦10,000 for each of Delta’s 40,168 civil servants for three months. He also introduced rotational work arrangements to provide relief.

Recognizing the critical role of the Head of the Civil Service in managing and developing the state workforce, he approved a seven-weekend senior management course for 200 officers on the verge of promotion to director positions. This partnership with the Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON) underscored the administration’s commitment to continuous learning.

With the governor’s approval, inter-cadre transfers and orientation programs directly benefited 227 officers, while 1,250 others received specialized training underscoring his dedication to nurturing a cadre of skilled and adaptable civil servants. The administration has also supported academic pursuits through study leave approvals, promoting professional growth.

To streamline career progression and prevent promotion delays, the governor facilitated interviews for 2,193 officers due for promotion in July 2024, a proactive approach reflecting the administration’s investment in the leadership development of the Civil Service. These efforts are part of his broader vision to build a focused, disciplined, and dedicated civil service.

The administration remains committed to prompt and efficient payroll processing through a centralized system supervised by the Office of the Head of Service. To further support public servants’ welfare, Governor Oborevwori allocated ₦200 million for housing loans and ₦150 million for vehicle loans, reinforcing the state’s dedication to employee well-being.

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To address workforce gaps, the governor approved the recruitment of teachers across all 25 local governments, and healthcare professionals for state-owned hospitals. He also prioritized the security and maintenance of the Professor Chike Edozien Secretariat Complex, fostering a conducive work environment for the 27 ministries it houses.

In a Democracy Day gesture, the governor presented new cars to Permanent Secretaries, recognizing their role as chief administrative and accounting heads of ministries. This move, which symbolizes his dedication to empowering leaders within the Civil Service, will undoubtedly boost their productivity. This act not only enhances operational efficiency but also serves as a testament to his resolve to foster a culture of excellence and productivity.

Leadership training for Permanent Secretaries remains a priority, with a recent two-day workshop focusing on redefining global best practices. Delta State Head of Service, Mr. Reginald Bayoko, emphasized their role as custodians of civil service values, bridging policy makers and implementers.

“Let us remain unwavering in our commitment to upholding the highest standards of public service, serving as paragons of good governance and custodians of public trust,” Bayoko stated.

Governor Sheriff Oborevwori’s first year in office has been a testament to the power of transformative leadership. His accomplishments over the past year reflect a dedication to a supportive, dynamic, and efficient public service, building a stronger and vibrant Delta State for the future. As we reflect on his achievements, we are reminded that effective leadership is the cornerstone of a thriving public service and, by extension, a prosperous society.

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