Google Retools Consumer Barometer In Nigeria To Explore Internet Usage


Google has launched the Consumer Barometer 2014 in Nigeria in order to boost the knowledge of how Nigerians and people across the globe deploy the internet for commercial activities.

Google created the Consumer Barometer which is in its fourth year to provide professionals such as marketers with the latest consumer insights to support their devising of sales strategies and planning in a fast changing digital landscape.

The company also creates the most comprehensive free tool for advertisers to understand and compare online consumer behaviour across 46 countries.

The latest data insight from Google has shown that Nigeria is switching to online shopping, as 45 per cent of people researched their last purchase online.

-Are you advertising on every screen? 61 per cent of Nigerian respondents found out about the product they last purchased on a smartphone only, while 16 per cent were on a computer only.

-74 per cent of Nigerian respondents used the internet for early inspiration and 49 per cent to compare products during their last purchase.

For people in Nigeria, smartphones are becoming a vital part of online shopping. 85 per cent of people used smartphones for product research. Against 30 per cent using Computers and six per cent using Tablets.

Google’s Country Manager for Nigeria, Juliet Ehimuan-Chiazor said the Consumer Barometer remains the most comprehensive free tool for anyone looking to understand and compare how people use the internet around the world.

“For the 2014 edition, we worked closely with Hive, a London-based digital products and services design studio and the work involved 150,000 respondents in 46 different countries and profiled vertical sectors as clothing and footwear, home appliances, flights, hotels, cosmetics and groceries. Using state-of-the-art technology to crunch the mammoth datasets and make the interface feel more responsive and easier on the eye, we believe we’ve come up with our most detailed and user-friendly Consumer Barometer yet.”

In Nigeria, there is also a growing switch of consumers to online shopping thanks in large part to the increasing availability and affordability of mobile devices.

According to Google’s Communication and Public Affairs Manager for Anglophone West Africa, Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade, this switch is sure to make the Consumer Barometer an invaluable asset to advertisers, agencies and journalists, who seek creative insights into the shopping behaviour of consumers in the country.

“Our research shows that smartphones are becoming a vital part of online shopping in Nigeria with about 85 per cent of shoppers using them for product research as against 30 per cent who used computers and six per cent using tablets.

“Brands and their marketers are then likely to reach their greatest online audience by focusing their marketing communications on the smartphone. The Consumer Barometer provides insights like this and much more. It is a free tool anyone can use to create and download customised data and market-specific information.

“These can help users discover anything from: how often people go online, to how many connected devices they may have, how people research and purchase online, the influence of online video on their shopping habits or the differences between generations and their online behaviour.”

CAPTION:Google’s Country Manager for Nigeria, Mrs Juliet Ehimuan – Chiazor

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