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Google Classroom All You Need To Know

Google Classroom is a simplified blended platform that allows teachers to create, distribute, collect and grade assignments quickly and efficiently.

Google Classroom allows teachers to share documents with view-only access, the ability to edit a document or allowing each student to receive a copy.

The about section has a place for teachers to keep important content that students can use frequently. Google Classroom also creates folders in each class and assignment to help keep the teachers and students organized.

Google Classroom also has a place for questions and announcements. This feature allows students to practice digital citizenship through the questioning and comments feature.

The power of Google Classroom is the simplicity.

When working with teachers throughout the district, they find it easy to use and very powerful for distributing information, links or discussion questions. Google Classroom is also working to continually get better.

Google Classroom isn’t a website. Unlike a website, It is “closed environment” where parents cannot access and other students cannot access. Google Classroom also isn’t a full LMS because it doesn’t have a grade book and work cannot be organized into units.

There are a plethora of ways to use Google Classroom. The most effective way is to distribute material to all students quickly and effectively.


The question feature can be used as for Do Nows or a Closure question. Embedding Google Forms allows teachers the ability to give surveys and quizzes quickly and have them graded using a Google Script called Flubaroo.

You can also differentiate material for all students by providing different groups under the same assignment.

There are also creative ways to use Google Classroom. As the lead tech coach, I use it to distribute materials and ideas to other tech coaches across the district.

It is also a place for tech coaches to ask questions to the entire group. It has been an important collaboration tool. Administration can use the tool to share resources, videos, and announcements with the entire staff.

If you’re looking for more ideas on Google Classroom, check out “50 Things you can do with Google Classroom” by Alice Keeler.

How is Google Classroom Different from Blogger and SitesGoogle Classroom isn’t a website or blogging platform. It a simplified blended learning management system. Google Classroom allows you to assign work and collect it.

Blogger and Sites are open systems that can be accessed by parents and others. It allows students to share with an authentic audience.

Having a website is an important way to share information with parents and students. Recently, Google Classroom added a Calendar feature.

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One great way to have the two work together is to embed the Google Classroom Calendar directly onto your Google Site.

This is a great way to keep parents abreast as to what is due in your class. Students can write blog posts directly in Google Sites but without the comment feature.

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