German politician, Nico K dies after he was struck by lightning while urinating

A German politician has died after he was hit by lightning whilst taking a wee outdoors in a storm.


Local politician Nico K., 44, who belonged to the Christian Democratic Union Party and was a member of the local council, died in the tragic accident during a garden party in the village of Hoehnstedt in the northeastern German state of Saxony-Anhalt.

Local media report a group of friends were having a barbecue in the area when Nico K. walked away to relieve himself.

He was reportedly standing under a high-voltage power line when a lightning bolt struck him.

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Onlookers tried to revive the 44-year-old but he died at the scene.

Police spokesperson Ralf Karlstedt said: “They tried to reanimate him, but it didn’t work.”

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