FPCS Tasks Nigerians To Harness Benefits Of Cooperative Society

The president of Family Peace Cooperative Society (FPCS) Peace Amb. Segun Ogunyannwo has urged Nigerians to harness the benefits of the cooperative societies in the country for mutual assistance and socio-economic benefits.

Ogunyannwo who stated this during the official launch of the Family Peace Cooperative Society, yesterday, in Abuja, expressed concern over the financial recklessness of some salary earners.

He also called on Nigerians to always be prudent in their endeavour, adding that cooperative society also helps to spur planning and saving for the future.

The president of FCPS said the benefits of cooperative society cannot be overemphasized, stressing the need for both public and private workers to form cooperative societies.

Explaining the reasons for the establishment of the cooperative, the patron, FPCS, Amb. Demenongu Agev, said, “When people of like-minds come together for any productive venture, their financial needs must always be part of the matrix.”

Agev said FPCS will provide a shield during the stormy times of life as well as the opportunity for growth and expansion during stable periods.

He said nobody should look outside the family for emotional and financial support.

He said, “No member of the family should go to bed without food or not be sure of where the next meal will come from.

“No member with child/children of school age should have his/her child/children out of school. No member with health challenges will not be able to pay for his/her bills.”

He said if someone needs N50 and it is not available, it can cost such a person more than N50,000.

“If you have a project to execute or an investment to make and the money is not readily available, you may lose a lifetime opportunity

“A dependable source of funds can provide reassurance and opportunity for rebound after a devastating natural or human disaster.”

He noted that FCPS was set up after the lockdown experience of COVID-19 that redefined the benefits of saving for tomorrow in day to day affairs of every Nigerian.

He added that most challenges of housing encountered by some retired public officers were due to their failure to key into the opportunities inherent in saving culture through cooperative society.

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