Foods That Can Damage Your Kidney

There are various food that we take regularly that damages our kidney that we are not aware of, these are such foods: Nuts, Avocados, Caffeine, Salts and Meats.

Nuts are said to contain a majority of Oxalates, these are most common type of Kidney Stone.

Lets be careful of the kind of food like beets, potatoes chips, fried foods,spinach and so on contain Oxalates, these should be avoided to live a healthy.

Even if you will eat nuts please eat with moderation.

Caffeine if its your morning routine its very bad and not usually on the safe side.

it stimulates blood flow and thereby increase blood pressure and the outcome is always alarming.

Salts everyone knows that too much of salt intake can be dangerous, sodium works in combination with potassium to maintain the fluid balance in ones body.

This is crucial to proper functioning of the kidneys, Sodium causes the kidneys to retain water in order to dilute the salt in ones bloodstream,this places an undue burden on the kidneys.

Salt can damage the Kidenys Nephrons, the microscopic structures responsible to filter waste.

Its adviced to stick to fresh whole food so as to control the salt level.

Meas contains a lot of proteins, though its good for growth but metabolizing is one of the hardest jobs our kidneys do. food with high amount of protein increases the risk for kidney stones.

We are adviced to control our meat intake not that its not good for our health but it should be taken in moderation.

Avocados are delicious creamy green fruits commonly known as pearl.

foods avocado

This fruit comes with high dose of Potassium, which controls fluids, electrolyte balance and PH level.

kidneys rely on the right balance of potassium and sodium to work effectively.

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If you do not have pre-existing kidney disease you shouldn’t worry about avocados or potassium as some do lack enough potassium in daily diets.

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