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Followers sometimes abuse social media giveaways – Billion$baby, CEO BDB Clothing brand


While many celebrities conduct giveaways on their social media page, fans and followers sometimes misconstrued their genuine disposition to help people and consequently abuse the privilege.

Making this assertion, Nwaubani Ebube Clinton, aka Billion$baby, who regularly reward his followers on his Instagram page, @billion_dollarbabyyy, said: “It’s really tiring because a lot of people misconstrue such gesture for opulence on the part of the giver. But that only makes you realize just how much we’re suffering in this country, where there are little or no educational support systems, or youth empowerment schemes.

Everyone is basically struggling to feed so I always try my best as much as I can to give my “widow’s mite,” moved by compassion, even though a lot of people mistake it for me having enough to splurge around.”

According to him: “In order words, I’m only just doing my bit in service to humanity because people are really really suffering and dying out of hunger in this country.”

Billion$baby, who is CEO of BDB Luxury clothing brand, further pointed out: “Sometimes, it can be really annoying when people come to your Instagram page and drop their bank account requesting that you give them some money, nonetheless, it cannot discourage me from giving back to people.”
He added: “Even though I have got my own problems and I, like any other human being, have limited resources, I find it difficult to close my eyes to some of the appeals that are genuine.”

In order to further dignify his humanitarian efforts, Billion$baby confirmed: “I am exploring the possibility of floating a charity organisation that will cater exclusively to feeding people in the nearest future. It could be as early as 2020 or 2021.”

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